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Stretch marks are often not taken seriously by dermatologists, yet they can create real complexes. Although it is impossible to make them disappear completely, it is possible to alleviate them. Our article provides an update on possible treatments.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marksSkinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy look like scars. They are the result of damage to the dermis, which causes a loss of collagen and elastin fibers and an abnormal reorganization of the remaining fibers of the dermis, the deep part of the skin. Their appearance is a complex phenomenon involving hormonal changes, family history, weight and size, skin type or the use of corticosteroids (local or general). Adolescence and pregnancy are frequent periods in which stretch marks occur. Stretch marks are generally found in areas where the skin is tense: hips, thighs, breasts… Both women and men can be affected.

How to Treat Recent and Red Stretch Marks?

Shortly after their appearance, i.e. in the early stages of inflammation, the stretch marks are purple, sometimes protruding in appearance. They can also itch. It is at this stage that they are most easily treated. Among the treatments considered by dermatologists are the most effective creams based on tretinoin (acid form of vitamin A), possibly in combination with glycolic acid, which should be used daily. The aim is to stimulate the production of collagen to reduce stretch marks. This treatment is generally suitable for all skin types, but should never be used during pregnancy. For healthy skin, the Nd YAG 1064 mn vascular laser can also help to reduce aesthetic damage by stimulating the production of new collagen fibers. Talk to your dermatologist.

how to treat old and white stretch marks?

Mature stretch marks appear as atrophic, whitish scars. At this stage of scarring, they are more difficult to treat. However, there are treatment options, such as the local application of acidic vitamin A creams. In the case of light skin, the fractional ablation laser uses heating to smooth the skin and promote the production of skin fibers in depth. For all skin types, the non-ablative fractional laser also produces good results. Namely: the fractional laser causes redness and the appearance of small crusts on the treated areas: the use of a healing cream is recommended after each session.

The Best Treatment for Stretch Marks: Prevention

Stretching cannot completely disappear, so prevention is essential. In times of hormonal or weight changes, such as puberty or pregnancy, it is therefore ideal to apply an appropriate treatment every day (especially a cream with Regestril such as Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy or a vegetable oil such as Argan oil to soften the skin). For good results: Regularity is essential!

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