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Combating Stretch Marks with Argan Oil

While they are not necessarily a sign of ill-health, stretch marks are capable of unsettling any person who has them. It’s definitely not cool seeing these streaks on the skin. They could potentially affect your self-confidence in ways you do not want.

Severe Stretch Marks

Severe Stretch Marks

Argan oil, a product of a tree grown in only one part of the world, is a natural remedy that is said to be helpful. Perhaps, someone suggested you should try it on your stretch marks. Will it be of any good? Read on to learn more.

Argan Oil and Stretch Marks

The fame of argan oil just keeps rising. More people are learning of how it could help to promote youthful looks. Control of stretch marks is just one of several uses it has been suggested for.

There are several reasons you may have these undesirable lines on your skin. They include yoyo dieting, weight gain and pregnancy. The latter of the two factors mentioned partly explains why women tend to have them the most.

Stretch marks are connected to issues with the fibroblasts, with these inhibiting the formation of collagen and elastin fibers. The result is dermal and epidermal tearing when there is sudden growth, leaving you with these streaks.

While essential oils are believed to help, there is no guarantee that any you try will work. Argan oil is one of a few offerings that have been proven beneficial for combating stretch marks.

It was found in a study published in 2015 that postmenopausal women who consumed and applied this oil had more elastic skin. This can help a great deal in preventing or reducing the appearance of these streaks.

Why Does it Help?

A secret behind the usefulness of argan oil is the fact that it is loaded with vitamin E. If you’re someone who checks ingredients in cosmetic formulas, you’d often notice this ingredient.

Vitamin E is renowned for its ability to regenerate the skin and promote youthful appearance. It is a potent antioxidant that helps to fight the damaging effects of free radicals. The compound nourishes your skin, makes it healthier, and fades marks and scars.

What’s more? Argan oil is rich in beneficial fatty acids that can enhance the health of your skin.

How to Use Argan Oil For Stretch Marks

This oil is very easy to use for dealing with stretch marks. You simply need to apply it to areas where you have these skin flaws. You don’t need to massage the marks very hard because absorption is easy and rapid. It is not likely that you will get your cloth stained as a result.

Some people do apply it several times a day for faster results. But you won’t do badly applying two or three times a day.

It isn’t clear how safe essential oils are for pregnant women. Yet, these people need them to prevent stretch marks that typically develop during pregnancy.

The story appears to be different with argan oil. It is often recommended that pregnant women rub it on their stomach regular to improve elasticity. This is believed to be safe.

What to Know Before Buying Argan Oil

Before you rush out there to get argan oil for your stretch marks, there are a few things you need to take note of.

It is not advisable to just use any product containing this oil. The reason is that there is an ideal type for cosmetics and another for cooking or eating. You should look for products containing cold-pressed oil, which offers the best results for fading scars and marks.Buy Argan Oil

You may also want to ensure that the argan oil you buy is produced in Morocco. If produced elsewhere, chances are that the quality may be lower or dilution might have been done.

It helps if the oil comes in a dark bottle or is well protected from light. The potency may reduce when exposed to light.


Argan oil is worth considering if you are looking for a natural solution to keep stretch marks away. It is one of a few  oils on the market that have been proven to indeed be beneficial for this purpose.

While it can help to fade stretch marks, it is most effective when you use it for prevention. You should start using it as soon as you notice rapid growth or weight gain or when you begin to see early signs of the streaks.

The oil provides your skin with necessary nutrients and boosts elasticity. Healthy diet and regular exercise are still necessary for even better results.



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