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Nothing gives you away easily as the signs of aging around your eyes. Wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness are some of these signs that can enable anyone to tell immediately that you are one “old soul.” Yet, even though it is inevitable, no one wants to be reminded either directly or indirectly that they are getting older. Aging signs can be especially quite disturbing to women as these reduce the attractiveness or facial appeal which they have for so long been proud of.eyelasticity

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If you currently find yourself beset by dark circles, expression lines and/or puffiness around the eye, you might have just found a helper in Eyelasticity. This product’s maker says it helps to combat these “3 evils of eye-aging.” But does it really work as claimed? How and to what extent does it help, if at all? Read on to find out.

About Eyelasticity

Known fully as Eyelasticity Age-Defying Therapy, this product is scientifically formulated to help women (and also men) get rid of signs of aging around the eyes. It is probably one of the most popular of its kind in the market at the moment. Eyelasticity is made by Skinception, a subsidiary of the Tennessee-based Leading Edge Health, a known name when it comes to skin and beauty products. The company claims that the eye cream will:

  • Reduce appearance of laugh lines and crow feet
  • Fight off wrinkles
  • Moisturize and soften the skin around the eye
  • Promote production of collagen and elastin
  • Lessen puffiness around the eyes
  • Reduce appearance of eye bags
  • Get rid of dark, under-eye circles
  • Improve vascular health
  • Strengthen the health of macrophage cells
  • Bolster the dermal mattress

But then, these are merely claims by the manufacturer. These may not be enough for the discerning to decide on making a purchase. However, a closer look at the ingredients used for Eyelasticity reveals this product will most likely be beneficial to women battling with eye-aging. This is because most, if not all, of them have been shown in one study or the other to be effective for fighting aging. The active and most potent ingredients used are Eyeseryl, Regu-Age, Syn-Ake and ProCollONe+. The long list of ingredients used for the formulation features, among others:

  • Gingko biloba extract
  • Aloe Vera leaf juice
  • Beta glucan
  • Acetyl tetrapeptide-5
  • Glycerin
  • Glycine Soja (soybean) protein
  • Oxido reductases
  • Hydrolyzed rice bran protein
  • Grape seed extract
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Hydrolyzed soybean fiber
  • Caprylic capric triglycerides

There are still several other ingredients that are not mentioned here. It is believed by some that when a product contains too many ingredients as one could say is the case with Eyelasticity such is not likely to do much in terms of effectiveness. But Skinception says that is not the case here. Every single ingredient in the product contributes one way or another to help you have younger-looking eyes.

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Clinically-proven ingredients

According to the Eyelasticity manufacturer, the eye cream isn’t just sprinkled with a handful of possibly beneficial ingredients. There are studies to back the efficacy of these ingredients in getting rid of eye-aging signs.


Developed by Lipotect, Eyeseryl is a powerful, patented tetrapeptide that mainly helps to deal with under-eye, dark circles and puffiness. It prevents accumulation of fluid, strengthens the skin below the eyes and improves vascular health. The award-winning Eyeseryl also help to guard against collagen breakdown. Studies have shown that it almost completely eliminated under-eye puffiness (in 95 percent of subjects) following usage twice a day for 60 days. It reduced under-eye bags and dark circles.


This ingredient helps by somewhat mimicking how Botox works to fight signs of aging on the skin. Syn-Ake is a synthetic tripeptide which also goes under the name of Dipeptide Diaminobutyrol Benzylamide Diacetate. In simpler terms, you could think of it as synthetic snake venom. It produces effect similar to that of the Temple Viper snake’s venom. This ingredient disables the ability of muscle tissues to contract, thereby helping to control crow’s feet and other expression lines. Skin of participants in a Pentapharm study was 21 percent smoother and there was 20 percent reduction in wrinkle depth after applying Syn-Ake twice daily for 28 days.


Regu-Age is formulated by Pentapharm to help people deal especially with dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. It is more of a blend of ingredients. The anti-aging formula comprises purified soy, rice peptides and biotechnologically-produced yeast protein. It works by reducing blood clotting under the eyes thereby bringing about considerable decline in dark circles. Regu-Age boosts the supply of oxygen to tissues, with this in turn improving microcirculation. This way collagen and elastin are protected from being broken down. Twenty subjects, each of whom was at least 30 years of age, experienced an average of 35 percent reduction in dark under-eye circles and 32 percent decrease in eye puffiness. The formula was also observed to ramp up the production of fibroblasts, cells that manufacture collagen, by 200 percent! This sure looks promising for combating eye-aging.


Just like Regu-Age, ProCollONe+ helps to accelerate the production of collagen under the skin for a younger look. The ingredient, which is produced from natural sources, supposedly boost the production of the most common type of collagen in the body (collagen I) by as much as 1190 percent! That is sure to make a whole lot of difference for combating eye-aging, if true as claimed. ProCollONe+ is the main reason behind the ability of Eyelasticity to strengthen the dermal mattress, the skin’s dermal layer. Majority 78 percent of participants in a 56-day study cited by Skinception displayed noticeable improvement in skin smoothness after using ProCollONe+ (2% concentration) two times daily for the duration of the study. On average, rough skin condition eased by 10 percent.

Other Eyelasticity ingredients

Besides the active ingredients in Eyelasticity, some of its other ingredients also have studies backing their efficacy. For instance, Beta glucan (produced using algae, lichen, yeast and sugars from the cell walls of cereals such as oats and barley) has been shown to be a good anti-wrinkle treatment. It has even been used for longer time in the treatment of eczema, burns and wounds. Beta glucan promotes the health of macrophages, which are cells that help eliminate bacteria, toxins, and mutated or dead skin cells. It is an anti-irritant that facilitates the deposition of collagen under the skin. Significant improvements in skin firmness and elasticity, lines and wrinkles appearance, skin renewal and skin color were reported in a study cited by Skinception after 8-week, twice-daily treatment with beta glucan.

In another study, treatment with glycine soja (soybean) protein, hydrolyzed rice bran protein and oxido reductases revealed effectiveness in dealing with puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles or fine lines. Subjects with dry skin and minimum age of 30 years showed substantial decline in under-eye dark circles, wrinkles or fine lines, and puffiness after applying the treatment twice a day for four weeks. By the end of the eighth week, 35 percent decrease in dark circles and 32 percent decline in eye puffiness were reported.

Eyelasticity also features the skin moisturizer Hydrolite 5 and Symglucan. These serve as delivery systems that promote the bioavailability of the nutrients in the other ingredients to the body.

Does Eyelasticity work?

eyelasticity-before-afterIt will be completely irrational to buy something that delivers no benefits at all. So you might be wondering if Eyelasticity is really of any use. Partly because of the studies available to back the efficacy of its ingredients, one could say this anti-aging eye cream does work. Plus, there are many positive reviews from people who have used it – you may find some of these online. In one online review, a user battling with dark, under-eye circles as well as wrinkles and fine lines said she noticed improvement after just four weeks of consistent use. She even said some of the more expensive alternatives she had tried previously were not able to produce similar effects.

But no matter how good a product is, there is almost always going to be people who will not be satisfied with it. It is therefore not surprising to see some users complain about Eyelasticity. Complaints include that the results aren’t that much significant. What is unclear here is whether such people used the eye cream long enough and consistently. Although you might notice improvement within as little as four weeks, Skinception suggests using Eyelasticity for at least 90 days to get the best of results.

The renowned MD and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Dave David, is one of those that have thrown their weight behind Eyelasticity. He recommends the product to men and women in search of a non-invasive means of dealing with crow feet, dark circles, and other signs of eye-aging.

Is Eyelasticity safe?

Safety is another important issue when discussing supplements and drugs. One may be right to assume that Eyelasticity is safe to use, given it is cGMP-certified. It is produced in the United States in line with strict cGMP standards in a manufacturing setting with painstaking quality controls. The eye cream is said to have been tested in a laboratory approved by the government and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

However, one thing that may be considered a bit concerning is the inclusion of Syn-Ake in this formulation. This powerful ingredient is viewed as a possible risk by some in the light of its paralytic properties. Perhaps, Skinception has done its homework well to ensure unpleasant side effects are well-guarded against. You may also take comfort in the assurance that this is a product tested at an FDA-approved laboratory. Eyelasticity’s manufacturer does say it has yet to receive any complaints.

It is important not to approach Eyelasticity as you would a regular cream. This is a formulation of very powerful ingredients that should only be used for intended purpose and as directed. You are advised to first test the age-defying eye care product if you have a particularly-sensitive skin. This will help you avoid skin issues such as breakouts and rashes.

Eyelasticity guarantee?

If you are yet unsure if Eyelasticity is the perfect solution you seek, you may be worried about wasting your possibly limited resources on purchasing it. Don’t be. It will interest you to know that this is a virtually risk-free product. If you use the eye cream consistently for 90 days without desired results, you can have your money back. It’s that simple. All you need do is return empty bottles of the product used during that period – three bottles, at the rate of one bottle a month. You must ensure the empty bottles get to the manufacturer within 97 days of original delivery. And note that shipping charges may be deducted. Additional unopened bottles are eligible for full refund if returned as well.

You can see that your purchase of Eyelasticity is essentially risk-free. If you didn’t have any need to request a refund, you might even be eligible to get a full-year supply of the product for free. Interested individuals are requested to take their “before” and “after” pictures and forward such to Skinception. If yours are chosen and posted on the company’s website, you get your one year of supply without further charges or questions.

With the studies available backing the efficacy of its ingredients, Eyelasticity looks like what you might find to be money well-spent. The numerous ingredients, which include antioxidants, vitamins, herbs and moisturizers, contribute in different ways to the fight against eye-aging. Eyelasticity is one of the most popular products of its kind on the market. Most users appear to have positive things to say about the product as well. The generous 97-day money back guarantee makes Eyelasticity practically risk-free. However, you should note that this is not a “miracle,” overnight cure to eye-aging.

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