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Whether you’re looking to regenerate, decongest or soothe your skin, nature has treasures to help you fight the first signs of aging. Are you more for pomegranates or tangerines?

Whether you're looking to regenerate, decongest, soothe your skin, nature has treasures to help you fight the first signs of aging. Are you more for pomegranates or tangerines?


Olives for a purified complexion

Olive oil is well known for its emollient, softening, regenerating, nourishing and antioxidant properties. Filled with vitamins, minerals and proteins olive oil is very effective against dryness and skin aging, it acts as a real shield for the epidermis, balancing it and protecting it from the many daily aggressions (pollution, smoke, blue light, UV, cold..etc). The daily application of a facial product enriched with olive oil will brighten up your complexion in all seasons.

pomegranate for anti-aging

According to several scientific studies, it is one of the 3 most powerful antioxidants. Rich in active ingredients such as essential fatty acids and polyphenols, pomegranate reinforces the hydration of the skin, which, when better nourished, gains tonicity and tone. It also stimulates fibroblasts, resulting in more supple and less wrinkled skin. Taking a pomegranate based product will help regenerate the skin, narrow the pores and smooth the complexion.

Cornflower water to relieve congestion

Already used by women in the middle ages as a cosmetic product, it makes the eyes shine and illuminate the look. Refreshing, it has soothing virtues and decongesting properties that are particularly beneficial for the fragile area around the eyes. As a tonic, lotion, gel or cream, cornflower water softens the eyes and provides comfort and hydration. It contains pectin and pollen, and also may help lighten up dark circles.

Mandarin to revitalize the skin

Mandarin-based skin care products are perfect for the skin that needs to deal with the first signs of aging. Mandarin nourishes, soothes and restores the elasticity of the epidermis. It tones and stimulates natural luminosity. Rich in vitamins C and E, during the day it helps to protect the skin against external aggressions that may be responsible for its aging. At night, it recharges the cells with energy for a more effective repair.

Raising HGH Levels for a younger skin from within

As we get older our levels of HGH start to drop which is believed to be the reason why we start to experience aging symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, dark spots, wrinkles…etc.  In order to cover all our bets it would not hurt to try to raise one’s HGH levels. The ideal way to do it is through fasting and intensive exercising however for those of us who are not ready for such commitments taking an HGH supplement such as Genf20 Plus might be just what the doctor ordered.

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