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People have been tattooing themselves throughout history, but in recent years tattoos have become more fashionable and acceptable. What used to be a symbol associated with prisoners and sailors has now become a way for individuals to express themselves more artistically.



In fact, many people are proud to wear the art they have designed or individualized themselves. The drawbacks have been repeatedly emphasized, but tattoos have some important advantages. Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of having a tattoo.

Advantages and disadvantages of tattoos

Some people love tattoos and some people hate them. Throughout history, tattoos have been worn for a variety of reasons, including preventing illness, indicating identity, and even indicating whether you are a slave, a criminal, or a prisoner of war. Today, however, tattoos have become a form of art and self-expression.

To better understand the pros and cons, here is a look at the pros and cons of tattoos. Let’s start with a positive assessment, defining the main benefits.

PRO: Encouraging self-expression

There’s something about letting the world know who you are. Tattoos are an inexpensive and effective way to express your beliefs and interests.

Many people think their body is an empty canvas, so they use it to their advantage by exhibiting works that matter to them or someone close to them.

PRO: Providing a sense of community

The tattoo community is quite close and although working at Wall Street may not be an option, there are many viable alternatives in the tattoo world. And when it comes to participation in conventions and other art shows, the tattoo community provides support and encouragement.

Many people in the community share similar views and have similar ideas about self-expression of a work of art.

PRO: Remembrance

The fact that the tattoos will stay with you for life is a great way to celebrate someone’s life. Memorial tattoos are very popular, and people who would never have a tattoo before they lost someone have seen how beneficial for emotional healing they can be. Portraits of relatives and pets are a great way to wear and celebrate the memory of that person.

CON: Durability

For some people this may be seen as a plus, but for those who regret their decision, removing a tattoo can be expensive and painful.

An impulsive decision at 20 can be regretted at 40. The same goes for those who get their name tattooed during a relationship and then regret it afterwards after they breakup.

CON: The health risks

Some health risks associated with tattoos are more serious than others. Some inks have caused bacterial infections as well as allergic reactions. Respected shops are regulated, but the potential for infection is considerable. Of course, in the worst case, needles can get dirty and increase the risk of hepatitis or HIV.

CON: Reduced career opportunities

While most people do not agree with the negative incentives associated with tattoos, in fact they are often rejected in the workplace. Visible tattoos can reduce your chances of getting your dream job. Even if a person qualifies, the taboos associated with tattoos can be enough to make advancement in their career difficult.

With all the pros and cons in mind, make sure you want the lasting impression of each tattoo before you permanently mark yourself.