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Is Dermefface FX7 Really the Solution to Your Embarrassing Scars?

Do you have some nasty scars on your face or skin that you wished were gone already? Scars can be such an annoyance to see on your person. They have a way of reducing the radiance and appeal of the skin.

Dermefface FX7

Dermefface FX7

It is the desire of practically everyone to have smooth skin that is free of flaws. Scars stand in the way of achieving this goal. They could make you feel highly uncomfortable about letting people see them.

Dermefface FX7 is one of those products on offer that promise to help you deal with scars. But how likely is it to do what it promises? Here’s our review for you to decide that before you part with your money.

What Exactly is Dermefface FX7?

Described as the “Ultimate Scar-Fade Technology,” Dermefface FX7 is a scientific formulation of ingredients that reduce the appearance of scars. The cream is intended to provide users with a cheaper alternative to costly procedures.

Its manufacturer says the product is for people who want to stop feeling a “victim” of scars. It promises to remove the embarrassment and the need for makeup and clothes to hide the marks.

The formulation includes several proven active ingredients along with helpful moisturizers and powerful antioxidants. It supposedly removes the need for painful injections or expensive surgery. The cream is also non-greasy and fast-absorbing, according to the maker.

Are you wondering whether there are specific types of scars you can use it on? It appears you can use Dermefface FX7 for virtually all kinds, including those resulting from:

  • Injuries or accidents
  • Burns
  • Acne
  • Surgery
  • Certain skin conditions

The cream is also for the correction of scars due to excessive collagen buildup – hypertrophic scars.

How Does Dermefface FX7 Work?

Scars are natural. They result from the natural wound or injury healing process. Fibrous tissue replaces healthy skin following an injury, as the body produces the protein collagen.

Ideally, you should start applying Dermefface FX7 as soon as your skin heals over. You get more help when you do this to prevent a permanent scar from forming, according to Skinception.

The cream boosts your skin’s natural regeneration cycle for the removal of dead skin cells. It helps to ensure that damaged or scarred cells are removed and replaced with healthy skin cells. This may prevent a serious scarring problem.

According to its manufacturer, Dermefface FX7 speeds up healing at each layer of your skin. It promotes healthy, radiant skin as well by improving collagen production (both Type I and Type III).

Dermefface FX7 Ingredients

So much for how this cream works; what are the constituents it depends on for fading scars?

Skinception says this “scientifically advanced blend” features seven clinically-proven active ingredients. It also packs 10 powerful antioxidants and five moisturizers.

Let’s briefly consider what some of these active ingredients do.


Also known as Pro-Vitamin B5, this ingredient is a potent inflammation fighter. It enhances skin regeneration and can help you achieve your dream of smooth, glowing skin.

Research shows that this constituent speeds up wound healing by around 30 percent.


We mentioned earlier that increased collagen production is one of the ways Dermefface FX7 work. Well, here is a secret behind that. The soy protein product has been shown to increase Type I collagen synthesis by up to 1,190 percent!


This active anti-aging ingredient from the common vervain or Enchanter’s plant also improves collagen production. It boosts the natural elasticity and barrier function of your skin.

In a clinical trial, Vitalayer increased Type III collagen production by more than 1,250 percent! This also means it could help greatly to guard against saggy skin.

Hydrolite 5

The main purpose of this pentylene glycol is to enhance the moisture of your skin. Hydrolite 5, a multi-purpose cosmetic ingredient, is a powerful moisturizer. It boosted the moisture level of the skin by 100 percent in just two weeks in one clinical study.

In addition to the foregoing, Dermefface FX7 also boasts other notable ingredients such as allantoin, Symglucan, and niacinamide.

You essentially have in this cream one that may not only fade scars but also enhance a youthful appearance. It has ingredients that reduce fine lines and wrinkles and promote smoother skin.

How to Use Dermefface FX7

The recommendation for using Dermefface FX7 is that you should apply it two times per day. This could mean applying it once in the morning and again at night.

You need to use the cream continuously for a specific minimum duration. This depends on the type of scar you are trying to deal with.

Skinception advises using it for 3-4 straight months to get the best results in the case of small surface scars. However, you should aim to use it for six months or more for deep or surgery scars.

The suggested duration of use takes into account two times a day usage. You may expect Dermefface FX7 to take a longer time to deliver the desired results if you apply only once a day or skip it totally on some days.

Will Dermefface FX7 Work for Your Scars?

Looking at some “before and after” pictures that Skinception has on the product’s official website you may be impressed. The images could make you conclude this cream does work, if you read much into them.

Lisa D’Amato is a major Dermefface FX7 endorser. The America’s Next Top Model All-Star winner said the product helped her prevent a serious auto accident from putting paid to her career. She said she noticed her scars starting to fade after just a couple of weeks of use.

You might not be moved much, if at all, by the foregoing. But this scar fading cream has proved beneficial to other users as well, going by online reviews.

We have to tell you, though, that some people have one or two things to complain about. This could be due to any of a number of reasons, including the expectation that it is some magic formula.

Also, some users seem to expect it to work after using it for about four weeks. This is probably because Skinception says some users report results after that length of time.

What if it Doesn’t Work?

Now, you might be asking yourself: what if I’m one of those that this cream doesn’t work for? That seems to be a simple thing not worth worrying about.

Skinception covers your purchase of Dermefface FX7 with a 67-day money-back guarantee. This gives you ample time to decide if it’s already improving your scar in some way.

If after using constantly for 60 days you are still not impressed, feel free to request for your money back. Only the costs of shipping and handling will be removed from the money you paid for it.

Dermefface FX7 Review – Verdict

While it may not be a magical fade-all product, Dermefface FX7 is a product that could help you reduce the appearance of scars. It contains a good selection of clinically-proven ingredients, antioxidants, and moisturizers. These constituents may not only help with fibrous tissue problems but also with signs of skin aging.

We need to caution you, however, that this does not promise to completely remove your scars. Some users appear to be disappointed because it didn’t remove their wound marks totally.

Since individuals and their expectations differ, it is still up in the air whether you will love this cream. But, in our own opinion, it could help if you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If it still doesn’t impress after doing all that, there is the 60-day money-back guarantee to turn to.