One of the cornerstones of our business is the proper management and protection of our customers’ data. It is very important to us that you trust us with your data, and that we live up to the trust you put in us. Here are the details on how we at look after your privacy.

In some cases we collect the data of our customers, but before we ever do, we provide you with the reason for gathering and usage of your data. That will be the only use of that data. The only exceptions are when you give us permission to gather the data for other reasons, or if the law orders us to collect your data. We will only hold onto your data for as long as it takes to carry out our stated purpose. When data is destroyed it is done so in a secure manner rendering it useless.

At we collect your data using only legitimate methods that are sanctioned by law. We follow fairness principles in gathering your data. Your information is placed under safeguards so that it cannot be changed by others and it is protected from being lost or stolen. If you would like to know more about our privacy policy, our staff can provide you with more information.

From you, we ask that the information you provide us is current, true, and sufficiently inclusive. The security of your data and your privacy are both of the utmost important to us at, and we work hard with you to safeguard it.