There is almost no one in this world who is immune to the fear of aging, and when the first signs of age begin to manifest themselves, it is only too understandable that a person searches for ways and means to counter the aging process.  Unfortunately, because all mankind is affected by the aging process and because everyone is searching for a way to prevent aging and wrinkles, there are lots of scams on the market that have little or no scientific basis backing them up at all.Kollagen Intensiv That makes it all the more refreshing when one actually encounters a product that has good, solid science behind it, and which is extremely effective as well.  Kollagen Intensiv is just such a product, and the fact that it’s effective within the first three months only adds to the interest that potential users as well as the medical community take in it.  As a matter of fact, specific studies conducted as to the effectiveness of Kollagen Intensiv show that there are definite signs of the reduction and even reversal of the aging process within the first two and a half months of use. While collagen injections have been around for a long time, the simple fact is that these injections are exorbitantly expensive and far beyond the reach of most people. Kollagen Intensiv offers an interesting and effective alternative to those who simply cannot afford collagen injections, and the effect of Kollagen Intensiv on the skin must be experienced to be believed.

An  in-depth Review Of Kollagen Intensiv…

Now, this is going to be a very careful review of Kollagen Intensiv, so we’re going to impartially examine various aspects of the product, including the ingredients, that is to say what’s going into it, as well as possible side effects and what users around the globe think of the product. So, let’s start with the ingredients.

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Researching the ingredients in Kollagen Intensiv

Kollagen Intensiv is a powerful blending of organic extracts and other natural ingredients drawn from sources around the globe to provide anti aging benefits that are difficult to match. Shea butter One of the important ingredients of Kollagen Intensive is an extract from the Karite tree in Africa which is then rendered into vegetable fat and thence to shea butter. It is excellent for nourishing the skin and its rich organic content provides crucial supplementation that leads to a definite softening of the skin as well. Shea butter is also known to be a moisturizing agent that can counter the effects of an overly dry skin. There are clinical studies that show that shea butter actually helps the body produce natural collagen, with all the benefits that that implies.

Other organic extracts

Other organic extracts that are present in Kollagen Intensiv are extracts of cucumber and certain extracts from green tea. Both of these are powerful antioxidants, and are useful not only to tone the skin, but also to moisturizes it and prevent dryness.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 should be an essential ingredient in any product that aims at skin health and rejuvenation, because it is what many clinical researchers are referring to as an actual, natural botox alternative. Another name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 is Argireline, and it works to reduce the tension in the muscles of the face, the very tension that actually can cause forehead wrinkles for instance. As a matter of fact, a study published recently in an international journal showed that the use of Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 over a one month period actually reduced incidence of wrinkles by up to 35%.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is actually produced within the skin itself, but it is an unfortunate fact of life that its production tends to slow down with age, which is a fact that considerably contributes to the aging of the skin. The essential function of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin is to retain moisture, making this acid one of the most powerful, as well as one of the most effective moisturizing agents that exists. It is a known fact in medical circles that Hyaluronic Acid is recommended for use with collagen itself, as the combination of both of these tends to massively improve the health and youthful look of the skin.


Retinol is nothing more or less than a powerful antioxidant and its function in Kollagen Intensiv is to reduce the damage to the skin that occurs from natural exposure to the environment. In today’s polluted world the environment is full of factors that can damage your skin, and a powerful antioxidant like Retinol is essential if your skin is to retain its youthful look.


SYN®-COLL is one of the latest products involved with stimulating the production of collagen within the body itself.  It has been found to be very effective, causing the body to produce levels of collagen that are above norm thus naturally leading to a considerable reduction in the wrinkles and lines on the face, as well as firming up the skin and improving its health, all of which results in a far more youthful look, and in a clear halting of the effects of the aging process of the skin.

Vitamin C

And of course, no product that is involved with the health of the skin can lack vitamin C, which is not only an antioxidant with all the benefits listed above, but which is also extremely essential to the production of collagen within the body.

The benefits of Kollagen Intensiv

No review of Kollagen Intensiv would be complete without a clear discussion of the actual benefits of the product. Now, I have used it intensively as part of the study group that was investigating this product. Our review of the product took around three months, during which we used Kollagen Intensiv consistently and regularly. In a three months period we saw a definite reduction in certain obvious signs of aging, such as dark circles under the eyes, in the fine lines on the face, and in the so called crows feet at the corners of the eyes. But what interested me, and the study group as a whole, was that Kollagen Intensiv actually seemed to promote the health of the skin. The skin not only looked healthier and younger, but also felt healthier and younger, leading to users actually feeling younger as opposed to cosmetic products that only focus upon the external looks. Here is a short list of our observations as regards to Kollagen Intensiv.

  1. Kollagen Intensiv seems to have a powerful moisturizing effect on the skin, with dryness of the skin and all the problems related to that seeming to disappear.
  2. Kollagen Intensiv also seems to limit damage from the environment. After a hard day’s driving through a smoggy city, the skin feels just as healthy and youthful as it did when one woke up in the morning.
  3. Kollagen Intensiv seems to directly affect the health of the skin, as I’ve already mentioned, leading to skin that actually is firmer, healthier and more elastic. The puffiness that seems to be a part of the look of aged skin disappears completely.
  4. Besides all this, scientific studies have shown that Kollagen Intensiv can actually protect against glycation that reduces the natural elasticity of the skin.

What the study group and I liked best about Kollagen Intensiv is that it works to stimulate natural collagen production within the body, which means that it is an all-natural product that cannot harm the body in any way, and which can only promote the health and youthfulness of the body. The other thing that the study group and I liked was that Kollagen Intensiv contains ingredients that considerably promote and improve the actual health of the skin, which is something all of us are crucially interested in.

Side effects Of Kollagen Intensiv

Since Kollagen Intensiv contains all-natural ingredients, there is almost no report of any side effects. Neither I, nor any other member of our study group suffered any side effects, nor have these been reported in any of the studies around the world. However, it is possible that if you have very sensitive skin, that your skin might react to one of the ingredients of Kollagen Intensiv. Remember, however, that a light reaction to using the cream actually shows that the product is working, and in such cases one can continue using the product. In the one in a million chance that you actually experience severe side effects, it goes without saying that you should discontinue the use of the product immediately and consult your doctor. However, this is highly unlikely to happen, and indeed it has not been recorded in any clinical study. For all practical purposes, Kollagen Intensiv is indeed an all-natural product that causes no side effects.

To sum up Kollagen Intensiv

To sum up, Kollagen Intensiv is a highly recommended product, shown to be extremely effective within just three months of consistent use. It shows no allergic reactions upon use and has never been known to exhibit or to cause any side effects. Best of all, it is very cost effective, retailing at just a fraction of the cost of collagen injections. It is clearly shown to boost collagen production, reduce damage to the skin that results from exposure to the environment and to the sun, and to improve the health of the skin in every possible way. Kollagen Intensiv has been used by men and women everywhere in the world and is highly appreciated by everyone who uses it regularly.

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