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Did you know that in some ethnic groups women draw their small lips to make them as big as possible?

1) The small lips are also called nymphs.

Intimate Area

Intimate Area

It is little known, but the small lips can also be called nymphs. It is also the name of the Greek deities, which are the Roman deities with respect to water, springs and rivers. Female nymphs are perhaps considered the source or the fountain of life. Or do they look like water lilies fragrant and as beautiful as flowers?

2) Small lips are asymmetrical

There’s no point in hiding if your little lips aren’t perfectly identical. One is always bigger than the other.

In fact, there are always differences between the two small lips of the same woman, in width, length or thickness. The fabric of the minora lips corresponds to that of the male scrotum. This area is also asymmetrical in males.

3) The color of the labia minora is not the same as the color of the skin.

The color of the minora lips is darker than the skin, sometimes varying between pink and gray or deep black. In addition, the color of the minora lips is very broad; may be Pink on the inside but of a different color on the outside.

4) The area demarcated by the inside of the labia minora is called “the vestibule”.

This is what we call the area just before the entrance of the vagina. When this area is irritated, it is called vestibulitis. This condition is characterized by persistent pain – chronic or occasional. Often the origin of this pain in the area of the vulva is inexplicable. Women feel burns or stings, while gynecological examination does not reveal any infection or abnormality.

5) In the vast majority of women, the small lip protrudes outside the labia majora.

In about eight out of ten women, the labia minora protrudes from the labia majora. This is a little-known phenomenon that can make it difficult for women who examine themselves thoroughly! And they still grow at the height of sexual arousal.

6) The labia minora develop during the course of life, especially during puberty, when they grow a lot.

During puberty, under the influence of the sex hormones, the small lips, which used to be really small, grow suddenly. They usually stick out of the larger lips. This is a completely normal phenomenon that happens when pubic hair and breasts start to grow.

7) Small lips are an important erogenous zone.

The labia minora is an erogenous zone, irritable, sensitive to caresses. It is a very important approach zone at the beginning of penetration.

8) The minora lips swell under the effect of sexual arousal.

Minora lips contain erectile bodies that swell under the effect of erotic stimulation. They remain swollen during sexual intercourse and often for several minutes or for some women several hours after intercourse.

9) Small lips play a role in lubrication.

The Bartholin glands that lubricate the entrance to the vagina are located on the small lips. These glands produce lubrication related to sexual arousal. Sometimes they can become blocked, causing pain and swelling in the small lips. This is called Bartholinitis.

10) Small lips are often mutilated during Female genital mutilation.

Cutting the Minora lips is a common mutilation in women who have undergone female circumcision also known as female genital mutilation. A large number of victims of this cruel practice have not only had their clitoris removed, but also their labia minora. Small stitching on the lips, also called infibulation, is less common, although it is used in some parts of Africa.

Intimate reconstructive surgery can repair the damage to the clitoris and small lips caused by this terrible genital mutilation.