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Harsh weather and several other factors that our skin gets subjected to, as the years pass, can cause it to lose the youthful glow. These give rise to uneven skin tone as a result of issues such as age spots, dark circles, freckles and other blemishes.

Illuminatural 6iThese problems often make many people spend significant amount of money on skin lightening treatments. But, based on stories we hear, some of these individuals end up with other problems they didn’t expect with these treatments.

Use of harsh chemicals for skin lightening has brought it considerable bad publicity over the years. You’d often hear experts advise against use of products intended for this purpose.

Illuminatural 6i by Skinception is one product that promises to help you approach skin lightening in a safer manner. Its maker claims the natural ingredients inside would help you to effectively deal with dark spots and other skin imperfections without issues.

But how likely is it for this cream to improve your skin tone? What is in the formula? What are user feedbacks like? This detailed review should help you get answer to these questions.

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What is Illuminatural 6i?

A product of Skinception, Illuminatural 6i is an advanced formulation for skin lightening. It is intended to help you get rid of spots and improve darkened portions on your skin safely.

Its manufacturer, which has a number of top-rated products in its collection such as Kollagen intensiv, Eyelasticity and Argan Oil says the ingredients this cream contains have been clinically proven to be effective for enhancing skin tone.

The company says this one is intended for people who desire a “more natural” alternative to chemical peels, dermabrasion or creams containing harmful ingredients for skin lightening.

According to Skinception, the product has ingredients that are intended to improve, among others:

The formula comes with plant-based exfoliants and sun filters. These can be helpful for getting an appealing complexion.

How Does it Work?

Illuminatural 6i is intended to work with your skin’s natural regeneration process. This is estimated to last 28 days and takes place every month.

The natural ingredients present in this formula helps to make this skin renewal process more efficient. They make it easier to get rid of damaged or dead skin cells.

As the dead cells get rolled away, new ones from inner skin layers take their place. As such, this cream offers a safer, more convenient means of revealing a healthier, fairer complexion.

It is common for sun protection to be recommended for people undergoing skin lightening. But with this cream, you supposedly do not need to worry your head about that. This is because it contains plant-based sun filters.

What’s in the Illuminatural 6i  Formula?

It is highly important to go through the ingredient list of any skin lightening product before parting with your money for it. There are numerous horror stories out there of people experiencing awful side effects from using some of the available products on the market.

Two of the ingredients that have become notorious for their potential to be harmful are mercury and hydroquinone. These can be so dangerous that some countries have banned their use in cosmetic products.

Yes, you won’t find these harmful ingredients only in skin lightening products. They are used in general skincare products.

It is cheering to note that Illuminatural 6i does not contain any of those ingredients that are known to be hazardous. Instead, it packs natural constituents that have been shown to offer potential for promoting glowing, healthy skin.

This Ingredients in Illuminatural 6i includes the following:

  • Niacinamide – There is every chance you will see this ingredient mentioned wherever people are discussing safe ingredients for skin lightening. Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide is commonly prescribed by dermatologists for dealing with hyperpigmentation, excessive melanin in the skin.
  • Alpha-arbutin – The Illuminatural 6i formula includes alpha isomer of arbutin, a compound found in fruits, especially certain types of berries. This is proven to be helpful for skin lightening. The form you have here has been found to be more potent for this purpose. It helps to inhibit the formation of melanin.
  • Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate – A derivative of vitamin C, this ingredient can help to reduce your production of melanin, thereby dealing with dark spots. What’s more? It can also boost production of collagen, the skin’s main structural protein, for more youthful appearance.
  • Whitonyl – This helps by interfering with the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme that promotes melanin synthesis. The mechanism of action makes this ingredient very useful to have in this formulation for dark spots and patches.

Illuminatural 6i also has sodium lactate, a natural lightening ingredient. This helps to moisturize your skin as well.

In addition to the main ingredients, the formula also includes others that may contribute in some way to a smooth, healthy skin. Among them are gingko biloba, bilberry extract, green tea extract and aloe.

How Do You Use Skinception Illuminatural 6i?

From what we can see, this skin lightening is made to be very convenient to use.

You start by washing the area you wish to treat and then you dry it. Next, you apply the cream and rub it in, as you would do with other topical products. That’s it!

If you are the very busy type, you need not worry about multiple applications in a day. You just have to apply it one time every day.

Is it Effective for Skin Lightening?

Illuminatural 6i Results

Illuminatural 6i Results

Skinception claims that you should start seeing improvement in your first four weeks of use. This is supposed to be in line with your body’s 28-day skin renewal process. The company says many of its customers report noticeable improvements within this period.

However, the advice is to use Illuminatural 6i for at least three months (90 days) for the best results. Your skin would have completed three natural regeneration cycles by that time.

But we observed that customer reviews are a bit mixed. Some claimed to have received the promised benefits – or, at least, some of them. Some other users described it as a waste of money.

However, if we are to put these user feedbacks on a scale, Illuminatural is very likely to work. More of those who used it were observed to get good results, compared to those who had complaints.

The truth with almost all natural products is that they will work for some and not for others. But those who benefit are often the majority. The customer reviews for Illuminatural 6i, therefore, were not surprising.

One more thing: negative reviews were mostly on Amazon. A possible problem with that is one cannot clearly tell the genuineness of products bought there. This cream should ideally be bought directly via the manufacturer’s website only.

Safety of the natural skin lightener appears indisputable, however. We didn’t see any mention of side effects, such as significant irritation or burning, from use.

Blemished-free Skin Guaranteed

Skinception is giving its word that you are going to notice a positive difference in your complexion after using this natural skin lightening product for three months. To this end, it is offering buyers a 90-day money back guarantee!

We must say that is indeed a generous and very useful one. It gives you long enough time to use the product and find out whether it can indeed offer the expected benefits.

The company promises to refund “every penny” you paid for your Illuminatural 6i package, excluding shipping and handling charges, should you not be completely pleased with the results. You just have to ensure you return the product within the stipulated period.

It is important to state here, though, that you need to order this skin whitening cream directly from its manufacturer’s official website to enjoy the amazing money back guarantee. If you buy from somewhere else, it might not work and you won’t be able to get a refund.

Skinception Illuminatural 6i Review – Final Verdict

On the evidence of what we have seen, Illuminatural 6i is not a shabby choice for skin lightening. It is a great product to consider when you are in need of a non-toxic cream that you can use to get rid of dark spots on your skin.

It doesn’t include any harmful ingredients, such as mercury or hydroquinone. Instead, the formula contains natural, safe ingredients that research has shown to improve skin tone. With this one, you can avoid the inconvenience of enduring chemical peels or laser treatment for fairer complexion.

One thing you have to note, though, is that this is not exactly a magical cream. While it is said that you can start noticing the difference in just four weeks, you may need to use it for three months before noticing impressive changes.

But if somehow you still don’t see improvement after 90 days of use, you have the generous money back guarantee to fall back on for a refund.

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