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Growth Factor Plus Review

Growth Factor Plus

Growth Factor Plus

The idea of you growing taller after puberty is one that many medical professionals will be quick to dismiss, except maybe you intend achieving that with the aid of some painful surgical procedure. Any other means will not work and will amount to a waste of time, experts would often say.

With the above in mind, it will not be unusual to become suspicious when you learn of a supplement with potential to help you add some inches to your height. That’s a major possible benefit Growth Factor Plus promises.

But, realistically speaking, how likely is it that this dietary supplement will make you grow taller? We don’t want to answer that question directly. By the time you finish reading this comprehensive review, you should able to determine that yourself. For those who want to order Growth factor Plus right away click on the link bellow!

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What is Growth Factor Plus and Why is HGH Important for Height?

If you don’t know already, may we inform you that this supplement is a human growth hormone (hGH or HGH) releaser? Growth Factor Plus helps to improve the natural production of this highly essential hormone by the pituitary gland. It does this with the aid of a blend of proven natural ingredients.

But a question you might have right now is: what has HGH got to do with increasing height? Everything – and that may not be an exaggeration.

You see, without human growth hormone, tall individuals, such as most professional basketball players, will not be as tall. Abundant production of the natural substance contributes significantly to the height of such persons.

When it comes to growth and development in children and adolescents, HGH is highly essential. This explains why these groups tend to have the highest amounts of the hormone. A deficiency in a child can result in short stature and failure to attain maximum growth potential.

Besides height and growth, there are numerous other benefits that you can enjoy from having optimal levels.

The amounts of this substance, however, start to tail off as you grow older. It’s believed that this phenomenon begins some time after the end of puberty. This partly explains why medical experts say you cannot grow taller as an adult.

It is in order to check this drop in HGH levels that you have Growth Factor Plus. This offers a combo of amino acids that are proven effective for boosting production plus some other helpful natural ingredients.

How is Growth Factor Plus Different from Other Supplements?

There are numerous supplements for height increase on the market. At the same time, you can choose from many natural HGH supplements if you want one. How is Growth Factor Plus different from these other ones, if at all?

This particular product differs from other height enhancement supplements mainly because of its approach to achieving the targeted goal. It seeks to do this by improving natural growth hormone production. By this, it influences one highly critical factor when it comes to growing taller.

In addition to helping you have longer spinal column, the supplement supports bone and joint health, just like some rival offerings for increasing height.

But then, you might say: why don’t I just use another supplement that boosts HGH production?

Well, the issue with using another HGH releaser is that such might only offer you general growth hormone benefits. Growth Factor Plus mainly targets enhancing bone and joint health and promoting possible height increase. However, you can also enjoy other growth hormone benefits from using it.

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How is it Possible for Growth Factor Plus to Increase Height after Puberty?

The majority consensus in the medical community, as we stated earlier, is that you cannot grow taller after puberty. This is because your growth plate would have closed.

But do we then say these experts are not aware that having adequate amounts of growth hormone can promote height? That obviously would be highly incorrect!

So, what does Purity Select, the supplement maker, has in mind offering a product like this for increasing height? It aims to exploit the fact that not all bones fuse after puberty to make further growth impossible.

Your spine, which plays a significant role in your height, does not fuse. It is not comprised of just a single bone, but is a sequence of bones with cartilages between them. While some of these bones fuse, others do not.

Let’s discuss a little more about the spinal anatomy.

A Taller Spine With Growth Factor Plus

A Taller Spine With Growth Factor Plus

The vertebral column in humans, also known as the spine or backbone, features 33 separate vertebrae or bones. The lowest nine of these are fused into two bones that are not movable known as the sacrum and coccyx. But the upper 24 vertebrae, which make up the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine segments, are never fused and are perfectly movable.

Growth Factor Plus targets these 24 movable bones. Its ingredients aim to lengthen the cartilage discs between the vertebrae. Cartilages, including those in the knees, are believed to be capable of continuing to grow, thicken and become stronger even in adults.

These structures between bones are actually precursors to bones. Cartilages transform into calcified bone matrix and real bones.

The ingredients in Growth Factor Plus aim to influence the activity of osteoblasts (bone forming cells) and osteoclasts (bone resorbing cells). This is crucial to the bone transformation and remodeling process that may help you grow taller.

By increasing the size of each cartilage discs even just slightly, the supplement may be helpful for adding a couple of inches with regular use.

It may interest you to know that the length of your spinal column determines your height by up to 35 percent.

But note that this mechanism of action is not a guarantee of increase in height. It is merely a possibility.

What Other Benefits Can You Enjoy?

Considering how Growth Factor Plus aims to boost your hGH levels, it can also offer you some other benefits that are linked to growth hormone.

It is widely believed that this substance is the secret behind the youthful look of some celebrities and rich, notable people. The only difference is that a significant number of such individuals take the potentially dangerous HGH injections.

This supplement may be a safer, natural alternative for enjoying anti-aging benefits of growth hormone. However, it may not be on the same level as offerings such as GenF20 Plus that are more specifically for such purposes.

Other benefits you may enjoy from use include:

  • Control of physical stress
  • Reduction of pain sensation
  • Fat loss
  • Increase in confidence levels
  • Boost in immunity
  • Improved sleep

What Ingredients are in Growth Factor Plus?

Growth Factor Plus Ingredients

Growth Factor Plus Ingredients

According to the manufacturer, the Growth Factor Plus formula includes the following ingredients:

  • L-Arginine
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Ornithine
  • L-Glycine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Pituitary (Anterior) powder
  • Colostrum
  • Phosphatidyl choline complex
  • Soy protein isolate
  • Chromium GTF

These are obviously natural ingredients, which is a good sign for safety. They are said to have been carefully selected, with production done in a GMP-certified facility.

Proven amino acids

We do observe that this formula includes the bulk of amino acids that have been shown in research to be very helpful for boosting HGH levels. For instance, there is arginine which has been found to cause growth hormone production to rise dramatically.

Lysine is good for boosting performance and is popularly taken by athletes. Ornithine gives you a boost in energy to fight fatigue. Research shows that both of these amino acids greatly boost growth hormone levels when combined with arginine, just as you have it here. They may increase levels by up to three times or more in such a case.

Glutamine can be useful for enhancing metabolic activity, while Tyrosine helps to fight stress and fatigue. Glycine may increase your energy levels and promote faster muscle growth. These benefits are in addition to the usefulness of these amino acids in making growth hormone naturally.

Soy protein isolate offers a rich source of these essential materials for HGH production.

Anterior pituitary powder

This ingredient is usually of bovine origin. It typically comes from extracts obtained from the pituitary glands of cattle. The powder is thought capable of improving production of growth hormone by your own pituitary gland. It is a somewhat popular inclusion in some commonly used anti-aging and muscle building supplements.


Rich in growth factors, this milky substance produced by female mammals late in pregnancies or soon after childbirth offers several benefits. It may help to enhance the benefits of hGH. Colostrum promotes rapid healing, greater lean muscle mass and stronger immune system, among others.


This one is also thought to be beneficial for improving growth hormone levels. The ingredient also aids weight loss and increase energy levels.

Phosphatidyl choline complex

One major reason this ingredient is present in the Growth Factor Plus formula is to boost nutrient absorption. Beyond that, however, they say it can help to get rid of fat from the body.

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What Results Can You Expect from Growth Factor Plus?

As of writing, this supplement has a rating of 4.91 of 5 based on 181 “customer reviews” on its official page. That’s very impressive, isn’t it?

There were people reporting awesome gains from using Growth Factor Plus. A fellow claimed to have gained about 2 inches after taking for six months combined. There were also those who reported about an inch increase in height after using for 1-2 months.

Some of the reports of results were somewhat surprising in that can’t state categorically that you will grow by two inches. Yet, there are users who claimed to have grown by more than that. This, perhaps, is an indication of how results may vary between individuals.

It may be safe to say that you could add between half inch and 2 inches when you use it for 1-6 months. But again, nothing is set in stone.Growth Factor Plus Benefits

How to Get Better Results with Growth Factor Plus

It is possible to enjoy better joint and bone health and increase in height by using Growth Factor Plus alone. But the results may not be significant by so doing if your main interest is growing taller.

Below are a few other things you want to consider to maximize results.

Stretching exercises specifically mentions these exercises as being helpful. But this is not just about the supplement maker recommending them.

Researchers know that these exercises can play a great part in dealing with spinal compression that can cause people to be shorter than they really are. Stretching may help to correct spinal abnormalities, such as curvature, that may impact height adversely.

Right foods

By right foods, we assume you know what we meant: anything that promotes good health. You want to ensure your diet includes essential amino acids that are useful for growth hormone production, including the ones mentioned earlier. It is important to ensure provision of sufficient building blocks for hGH formation by the foods you consume.

Refreshing sleep

Sleep is one of the essentials in the growth hormone production equation. The formation of the substance is arguably at its highest during deep sleep. But poor, interrupted shut-eye can hinder this.

Therefore, it will certainly help to take steps to improve the quality of your bedtime. Interestingly, Growth Factor Plus may also help in this regard.

Among the other steps that may ensure you get maximum results from this supplement is maintenance of correct posture. You should endeavor to always carry yourself in a manner that doesn’t cause your spine to become compressed or curved.

Growth Factor Plus Side Effects

A major reason you may want to use a natural dietary supplement such as this one is the hope that it wouldn’t lead to some nasty side effects. If that is a reason for your interest, you may not be disappointed.

We didn’t see any report of very serious side effects from use.

But do not take that to mean that it is completely free of issues. Allergic reactions are possible, more likely when you use more than the recommended dosage.

An important reason as to why you may expect Growth Factor Plus to be very safe is that it is produced in a facility with GMP certification, according to claims by the manufacturer. This is indicative of superior manufacturing standards regarding purity and safety.

The approach to increasing hGH levels is also less likely to lead to side effects, compared to HGH injections.

What if Growth Factor Plus Doesn’t Work?

The possibility of a supplement not doing what it promises is real. So, what happens if you ended up not getting any benefit from using Growth Factor Plus? You don’t really have a lot to worry about, if that’s the case. offers you an industry-leading 90-day money back guarantee. Another way of saying that is that you can try it for three months and, if it fails to deliver, you request for your money back. It’s that simple.

You only need to make sure that you take all necessary steps for a refund within the stipulated period.

Growth Factor Plus – Final Verdict

With reports of people adding half-inch to four inches to their height, this dietary supplement may be useful for increasing your height. The ingredients it contains, according to, help to grow and thicken cartilages between bones, with this potentially capable of making you taller.

Growth Factor Plus doesn’t come with any serious side effects. The natural ingredients cause your pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone rather than replace them as HGH injections do. Furthermore, the production supposedly takes place in a GMP-certified facility to increase confidence on safety.

You can try it risk-free for 90 days. If you don’t get the benefits that are promised, you can go ahead and request for a refund. Isn’t that cool? We think it is.

One of the things you may not like about this height enhancement pill, however, is that you cannot use it for people younger than 18. It might also not be realistic to depend on it only for growing taller – you need healthy diet, good sleep and exercise, among others, as well.

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