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Resveratrol is an anti-aging active ingredient that is particularly effective in fighting skin aging. Present in grapes in particular, this polyphenol is a very interesting molecule because it induces activation of the sirtuins. These are the so-called “longevity” genes that can increase the life expectancy of cells. Resveratrol also has very powerful antioxidant properties which can help protect the body from damaging free radicals.

Resveratrol Grapes

Resveratrol Grapes

The Benefits of Resveratrol

Its antioxidant power is particularly effective in the fight against skin aging. Resveratrol repairs by capturing free radicals to prevent them from causing too much damage. At the same time, it strengthens the skin’s natural antioxidant defense system. It has an action similar to that of retinol, reducing the number and depth of wrinkles. But it can also be used preventively to limit the harmful effects of environmental damage (pollution, cold, wind, etc.)

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Who is Resveratrol for?

  • All women whose skin is beginning to show signs of aging, from the age of 45-50.
  • People who, from the age of 30, wish to act preventively to limit the impact of free radical and wish to look younger longer.
  • All those who are highly exposed to pollution, who work outside, those who smoke
  • Women over 50 who wish to use an anti-aging product with a deep and long-lasting action, without risk of irritation.

In the Form of a Cream or Serum

The serum is much more concentrated than the cream version and is generally more effective. From the age of 45, one or the other, or even both, depending on the type of skin: first the serum, for the anti-aging activity, then the cream for comfort. The serum should be applied at night to promote the repair and regeneration of the skin. In the morning, more attention must be given to hydration and anti-UV protection. You may also apply a hyaluronic acid or vitamin C serum in the morning for maximum results.

How to use Resveratrol?

Resveratrol can be used in combination or alternatively with hyaluronic acid, or coupled with vitamin C. It should be applied all over the face after applying, for example, hyaluronic acid to treat crow’s feet.

It can be used at night as a cure, with or without vitamin E or C. It will also act on pigmentation and inflammation, and slow down all the mechanisms of skin aging.

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