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Does having Oily skin equals fewer wrinkles?

It is a common belief that oily skin has fewer wrinkles. A new Japanese study shows that this could be the case.

Researchers examined the skin on the forehead and around the eyes of corpses between the ages of 20 and 50. They focused on the presence of wrinkles and sebaceous glands that secrete sebum and protect the skin from dehydration.

After comparing criteria such as skin elasticity, length and depth of wrinkles, the researchers found that the areas of the skin with the least wrinkles had the most sebaceous glands. In short, the oilier the skin, the less wrinkled it has.

Their research, published in the journal Clinical Anatomy, also confirmed that more wrinkles (e.g. crow’s feet) are seen around the eyes than on the forehead (probably because the skin on the forehead is more oily than the skin around the eyes).

Although oily skin is better able to protect itself against wrinkles, the other criteria studied can also play an equally important role in maintaining the skin’s youthfulness. Skin areas with more glands are generally thicker and more elastic, two important qualities to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

The study supports the widespread view that oily skin ages at a slower rate. However, the most important thing to keep skin young for longer is to adopt the right daily habits, such as exercise, anti wrinkles cream, sun protection, good sleep and a balanced diet.

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