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No Botox? No fuss! Have you ever considered getting that Botox injection for the wrinkles that keep reminding you of the fact that you’re getting too old to go to the club? Were you scared of the cost and the side effects? Well, there’s good news for you!

Reports reaching us state that there is a natural remedy for your wrinkles. This remedy leaves no side effects, costs zero cash and requires minimal effort to use.

How Do You Get Forehead Wrinkles

First off, let’s talk about how forehead wrinkles form. They are as a result of the continuous contraction of the facial muscles when we make facial expressions. As the body ages, the face loses some collagen and protein, and this reduces its elasticity propensities. So, when your facial muscles continue to contract as you grow older, your face registers those creases and they grow deeper.

Now, let’s talk about how Botox works. The miracle of Botox lies in the fact that its fillers stop your facial muscles from making the constant movement that makes them to slack with age and cause wrinkles.

The secret has been in our faces the entire time. If you can just stop your facial muscles from making so much movement, you won’t get wrinkles there!

Don’t Move Your Forehead

So, the trick is to stop moving your forehead! Is that possible? Absolutely!

This won’t work for you if you’re a comedian, clown or someone that loves making so many facial expressions. That’s the sacrifice this technique will cost, however, with time, it becomes a part of you.

The first step to getting this done is to start with your eyebrow and consciously stop moving them when you’re talking or trying to pull a face or expression.

Secondly, you have to focus on specific faces or facial expressions that need the contortion of the muscles on your forehead. For example, frowning, grimacing and others. You can consciously hold your forehead with your hands, when you’re doing certain tasks that employ your forehead muscles. For example, when you’re typing.

Over time, you will become used to it and you won’t even need to use your hand to hold your forehead as time goes by.

Surprisingly, when you start disciplining yourself to avoid wrinkles, you discover that you really don’t need to use your forehead when making certain facial expressions.

This natural procedure is safe, proven to be effective and with no side effects. Well, except one: no forehead wrinkles!

This will probably be the best and most effective and natural age-defying technique that you will come across. You should definitely try it for a younger looking face.


I Haven’t Moved My Forehead in 14 Years, and It’s the Best Anti-Wrinkle Trick Ever

I Haven’t Moved My Forehead in 14 Years, and It’s the Best Anti-Wrinkle Trick Ever

Meet the woman who says she hasn’t smiled for FORTY YEARS… so she doesn’t get wrinkles