Lines and wrinkles are the result of physical aging and may sometimes be caused by outside factors as well. Glabella lines, also known as frown lines, are the lines that appear between the eyebrows when we frown. These little lines are formed by the repeated action of frowning due to the lack of elasticity in aging skin.

Frown Lines

The appearance of these lines and wrinkles can make you look tired and age your appearance. An article in US News Health termed Recession and Wrinkles reports that stress is one of the leading causes of aging. Stressing over money or financial matters causes the blood vessels to constrict, the skin to tighten and the result is wrinkles in the skin. It also believes that stress affects more women than men because women tend to be the chief worriers of the group.

Stress can age you prematurely. When the economy is down people cannot help it but worry about whether or not they will survive another economic downturn. In that instant it pays to reduce the stress in your life and take more time to relax. Stress, smoking and too many nights burning the midnight oil take its toll on your skin and your looks. Wrinkles, smile lines and crow’s feet are the tell-tale signs of aging. We cannot avoid aging altogether but we can slow it down or delay it as long as possible due to new technologies.

Treatments for Frown Lines

A dermatologist can advise you on the best treatment for you. Here are a few treatments that are used to diminish forehead wrinkles and frown lines suggested by Discovery Health. Some of these treatments may be painful and require several treatments to be effective. One treatment method, Botox injections, must be repeated about every three to four months when the effects begin to wear off.  Many injectable substances are absorbed into the body after several weeks.



Botox is a type of botulism that is injected into the skin at the point where the wrinkles or lines start. The serum immobilizes the muscles in this area so the skin does not wrinkle when you smile. This procedure is mildly painful so if you do not like needles then another method is advised. The effects last between three and four months on the average.

Injectable Fillers

Transdermal fillers are injected just under the skin where the wrinkles occur and plump up or fill in fine lines and wrinkles. This gives the skin a fuller, smoother appearance similar to younger skin. Some prefer this method to Botox because they do not like the idea of paralyzing their facial muscles with a toxic substance.

Cosmetic Surgery: Forehead Lift

Surgical procedures to tighten the skin result in less wrinkles and smoother skin. For many people surgery is a last resort, they would rather try less invasive procedures first. This is a treatment option for those who try other methods but have no success.

Wrinkle Creams

There are many good wrinkle creams that have had good success with diminishing lines and wrinkles. Choose a formula containing vitamins, antioxidants and other ingredients like Vitamin A, B, C, Retinol, Argireline, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea and CoQ10.

Natural Ways to Relieve Stress Wrinkles

Experts suggest that stress-related aging can be reversed providing the stress is removed. Here are a few suggestions to help you slow down and relax making those stress wrinkles disappear.

No matter what the cause is for those frown wrinkles, stop frowning and start relaxing to help those wrinkles fade away.

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