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Experts agree that one of the best and most effective means of enjoying good health and graceful aging is sleep. Sadly, many people are missing on its amazing benefits these days.

You may have heard about something termed “beauty sleep” and see people speaking enthusiastically about the amazing things it can do for a person. You probably wonder what it is and why people talk so glowingly about it. Read on to find out why.

Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

What is Beauty Sleep?

We can say “beauty sleep” is simply another way of describing sleep quality that promotes good health outcomes. More specifically, it is sleep that is thought to be adequate to keep you looking young, healthy and appealing to others.

Experts, including dermatologists, recommend this kind of sleep for anyone who desires to have an awesome, glowing skin. It helps to ensure repairs that ward off or delay the aging process takes place. Your skin gets to address damage suffered during the day while you sleep.

Beauty sleep doesn’t just happen. It requires conscious efforts on your part. It demands taking up certain nighttime habits. We’ll talk a bit more about those later on.

What Do You Gain From It?

Beauty sleep basically affords you practically all there is to get from quality, restful sleep. Below are just some of these benefits.

Youthful glow

If only people did the right things, they could save themselves a huge sum of money. You can reduce your expenditure on cosmetic products and procedures with beauty sleep.

It improves the flow of blood to your skin. This ensures there’s good availability of nutrients, promoting a healthy, youthful glow. Little wonder people’s skin often looks dull when they skimp on sleep.

Wrinkle reduction

Beauty sleep can help you to rely less on anti-wrinkle products and procedures. It gives room for improved collagen synthesis. This protein helps to keep your skin firm and elastic. The greater the amount you have, the fewer the wrinkles you have, if any.

Young-looking eyes

The appearance of your eyes can be indicative of your age. Eye bags, puffy eyes and dark circles are some of the things that can result from insufficient shut-eye. They have the potential to make you look older and less healthy.

But with beauty sleep, you can be sure that you won’t have to battle with these issues. It reduces swelling, especially when you keep your head well-elevated. Blood also gets to flow well, preventing discoloration around your eyes.

Healthier hair

Hair loss is one of the issues that are associated with older people. This is not unconnected, among other things, to how such people often tend to sleep for fewer hours. Effects of stress become worse with poor sleep.

As already mentioned, sleep improves circulation. This ensures more nutrients become available to support your hair. It also helps to lower or regulate the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which plays a role in hair loss.

Beauty Sleep Tips

It may not always be possible to get what can be called beauty sleep without being deliberate about it. Here are a few of several things you can do to enjoy its benefits:

  • Use proper pillowcase – Paying more attention to the quality of your pillowcase can be useful for getting restful sleep. Choose a material with a gentle feel, such as silk or satin. This can help a great deal in preventing creases, lines and wrinkles on your skin.
  • Sleep on your back – Experts advise against sleeping with your face down or on your side, if you dread appearance of wrinkles. These postures subject your skin to repeated pressure, leading to creases and eventually wrinkles. Therefore, you should try to sleep more on your back.
  • Moisturize – While it might be surprising, your skin loses more water when you sleep at night than is usually the case during the day. You should, therefore, endeavor to use a quality anti aging moisturizer before bed to get more out of beauty sleep. Such a product actually works better during this time. Drink plenty of water as well.
  • Turn off the lights – By this, we have in mind anything that emits blue light. Avoid such from about an hour before bed. It has been found that blue light makes it harder to get quality sleep. LED lamps, phones, laptops and television sets are some of the notable culprits to avoid.
  • Adopt aromatherapy – The use of essential oils, such as lavender, can help you get better sleep. The scent they produce calms your nerves and makes you feel relaxed. This help you fall asleep quicker and cut the number of times you wake during the night.

Sleeping on a good quality mattress is among several other things that can boost beauty sleep and its benefits. Exercising regularly and having your hair up – away from your face – while you sleep can enhance the anti-aging effects as well.

Take an HGH supplement and avoid alcohol and foods that are very salty because of possible dehydration, which can contribute to puffy eyes. Having a humidifier in place will help against dehydration as well. Also, endeavor to change and wash your pillowcases regularly to prevent germs from building an arsenal on them.



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