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Aging from Yo-Yo Dieting and How to Prevent It

You will often hear about yo-yo diets when people are discussing means of losing weight. But it is not likely that you’d see diets described by this term spoken of as being good.

Stretch Marks Caused By Yoyo Dieting

Stretch Marks Caused By YOYO Dieting

Many unpleasant occurrences have been linked to yo-yo dieting, including how it can cause you to age faster. How could it possibly harm you and what can you do to protect yourself against its harmful effects? Read on to learn more.

What is Yo-Yo Dieting?

Chances are that you know an obese or overweight person who experienced rapid weight loss when on a diet, only to gain it all back after quitting the diet. Perhaps, you were even that person. That’s a classic example of yo-yo dieting.

Also known as the yo-yo effect or weight cycling, the term describes the cyclical weight loss and weight gain many persons often experience when dieting. It is inspired by the up and down motions of a yo-yo.

The individual on a diet will succeed in losing weight – in fact, they usually do so at a rapid pace. But once they stopped such diet after noticing this improvement, they regain weight and possibly more than what they already lost.

This phenomenon gives rise to something of a vicious cycle. You may find yourself going on another diet after noticing you’ve regained weight. The previous scenario of losing and gaining plays itself all over again. This can be quite demoralizing.

How a Yo-Yo Diet Contributes to Skin Aging and Age-Related Disorders

One may not be wrong to say that many people embark on yo-yo dieting with a view to looking good and having a youthful appearance. Sadly, they actually worsen their chances of achieving their goals by so doing.

Your skin becomes more loose and sagging with each cycle of yo-yo dieting you do. Weight gain experienced after each round stretches the skin.

When you factor in the loss of elasticity that is typical as people grow older, you end up with loose, sagging skin, wrinkles and permanent stretch marks.

Another thing is that dieting deprives you of essential nutrients for the skin. For instance, reduction in protein intake can have undesirable effect on collagen synthesis.

There is loss of muscle mass alongside fat when on a yo-yo diet, potentially making aging signs more visible. The rapid weight gain that is often experienced can also increase your risk of age-related disorders, including diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Among the other possible issues that may result from yo-yo dieting is bone loss. It was found in a study that obese women who engaged in weight cycling prior to menopause had lower bone densities than those who didn’t.

Researchers have observed that people (specifically, women) did not regain lost bone mineral density when regaining weight.

Avoiding the Harmful Effects of Yo-Yo Dieting

Below are some tips you can use to protect yourself against the dangers of weight cycling.

Stop dieting

Yes, people often feel the need to be on a special diet for some purpose. But, when it comes to weight loss, going on extreme diets from time to time is never advisable.

Dieting can cause the amount of the hormone leptin to drop. This makes you to feel hungrier and increase your appetite. It also causes you not to feel satisfied enough after having a meal. This probably explains why many soon regain lost weight.

Don’t cut your food intake

It is common to hear obese or overweight individuals being advised to reduce their food intake. This is not necessarily the best thing to do for weight loss. It probably explains why dieting doesn’t always help.

Rather than focusing entirely on reducing how much you eat, think more of maintaining a healthy diet. Eat foods such as oily fish, beans, fruits, nuts and leafy vegetables. These offer proteins, B vitamins and other nutrients that aid weight loss and support skin health.

Be active

With advancement in technology, more and more people are spending most of their waking hours in a sitting position. This encourages weight gain and, obviously, contributes to increasing cases of obesity in modern society.

Endeavor to get up from your seat or chair more often. Move around, go outdoors, and engage in regular exercise. Activity helps to prevent excess fat buildup, improve your sleep and enhance your overall health.

In addition, it helps to love yourself. You don’t have to be as slim as a model to be relevant. Just aim to be healthy.

You may also want to check out a good natural HGH supplement, such as GenF20 Plus or Somatropinne. This helps to boost the production of growth hormone, which is thought to help with weight loss.



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