Skin Conditions

Dandruff: How to Treat Dandruff and Keep It Away for Good

The appearance of dandruff in your hair can be both unpleasant, with constant itching, and unsightly, with white flakes all over the hair. To eliminate dandruff, you must first understand the problem and then adjust your treatment. Here are our tips for fighting dandruff.

What causes dandruff?
The scalp goes in cycles: it renews itself every 21 […]


Simple Tips for Moisturizing the Skin During the Winter

Winter is a difficult season for the skin, which dries out more easily due to frost and temperature fluctuations. Here are some easy to follow  tips to help keep your skin moist during the cold season.
Change your day cream
In winter the skin needs more moisture. Light, summer skin care products must give way to richer, […]


Stretch Marks: How Can They Be Reduced?

Stretch marks are often not taken seriously by dermatologists, yet they can create real complexes. Although it is impossible to make them disappear completely, it is possible to alleviate them. Our article provides an update on possible treatments.
What Are Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks look like scars. They are the result of damage to the dermis, which […]


How Certain Cosmetic Creams Cause Allergic Reactions

A new scientific study tells us more about how certain chemicals in cosmetics could cause an allergic reaction such as contact dermatitis.

Allergic skin reactions can be caused by many different chemical compounds found in personal care, household products or even cosmetics. However, how they cause this contact dermatitis has long been a mystery.

In a new […]


How Sculptra Can Make You Look Years Younger

Every person desires to look good and presentable all the time. However, due to some harmful environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays of the sun, pollution, and other irritants, our skin may lose its elasticity and natural beauty. As we age, our skin especially in our face tends to wrinkle. Sometimes it even loses facial […]


What to Look Out For to Avoid Fake Argan Oil

How to Be Sure You Are Buying Authentic Argan Oil
When something is good, it is rather normal to expect adulterated versions to start appearing. Such is the case with argan oil. As more people become aware of its amazing benefits, the number of offerings on the market increases, with many of these providing little or […]


Will Argan Oil Help You Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Combating Stretch Marks with Argan Oil
While they are not necessarily a sign of ill-health, stretch marks are capable of unsettling any person who has them. It’s definitely not cool seeing these streaks on the skin. They could potentially affect your self-confidence in ways you do not want.

Argan oil, a product of a tree grown in […]


How to Get Rid of Acne Blemishes for More Appealing Skin

Acne blemishes are just one of several issues that can make your skin to lose its glow and smoothness. The extent of these flaws is so great for some people that they have become a defining characteristic of sort for them.

People of all ages can have this skin problem and it can come up at […]

What Causes Melasma and How Do You Treat It?

Melasma Causes and Treatments
It is well known, and obvious enough, that the environment and aging can have undesired effects on the skin. Among the possible problems that can result is melasma.

We discuss this skin condition in this article. You will learn about factors that may cause you to have it. There is also information on […]

Illuminatural 6i Skin Lightening Cream Review

Harsh weather and several other factors that our skin gets subjected to, as the years pass, can cause it to lose the youthful glow. These give rise to uneven skin tone as a result of issues such as age spots, dark circles, freckles and other blemishes.

These problems often make many people spend significant amount of […]