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Wrinkle creams are made to increase the moisture content of the skin while improving the skin’s texture by increasing the collagen production. Collagen is what gives the skin firmness and support. Elastin is what keeps it soft and elastic; able to stretch when we smile, make facial expressions and even gain and lose weight. When these two protein structures begin to decrease as with aging, these structures weaken and we begin to see wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and mouth. With sensitive skin, the task to find creams made with gentle ingredients may be difficult.

Can I use wrinkle creams on sensitive skin?

People with sensitive skin cannot use the same products that everyone else does. Sensitive skin requires a formula that is non-irritating and made with natural ingredients. Therefore it is important to understand which ingredients are gentle on the skin but also the most effective. The first ingredient in most creams is usually water, and it should be. Water is needed to make the cream spread into the skin layers and be absorbed. If it has an oil base it mostly sits on top of the skin and may leave a greasy feeling.

Effective Ingredients in Wrinkle Creams

The best wrinkle creams contain Vitamins A (Retinol), B and C, Green Tea extract, CoQ10, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, copper peptides and selenium. These are the best known ingredients for diminishing lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen and elastin production. Hyaluronic Acid helps the skin to retain moisture by filling up the tissues with water making the skin fuller and smoother. This ingredient holds many times its own weight in water making it a very important substance in wrinkle creams.

Some ingredients to Avoid with Sensitive Skin


Some creams contain alcohol as one of the ingredients, this should be avoided by people with sensitive skin as it may burn or irritate the skin. Alcohol has no anti-aging properties and should be avoided completely. It makes the skin feel dry and tight, just the opposite effect of what we want.

Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil is a common ingredient in many skin care products and lends a moisturizing property. However, it has no anti-aging properties and may leave the skin feeling greasy or oily. This may irritate sensitive skin and cause clogged pores or breakouts.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is another common ingredient in many skin care creams that have no anti-aging properties. These ingredients are pretty much useless as anything but a moisturizer for dry skin. Products made with petroleum include Vaseline skin care products and many others.
Look for creams with natural ingredients  such as Lifecell and Kollagen Intensiv  for the best results for sensitive skin. Natural substances are known to be gentle and not irritate the skin. You should be able to pronounce most of the ingredients on the label. A simple Internet search should bring up a few products you can research and compare side-by-side. Make sure to look for the chief ingredients listed above for effectiveness.