Laugh lines, crows feet, forehead wrinkles – all are marks of age and stress that we often wish would just disappear. There are a number of different products available to combat aging and make our skin look younger, but it can be hard to tell which are really effective. One popular brand is LifeCell, an “all-in-one” anti-aginlifecellg cream put out by South Beach Skincare. Let’s take a look at this product’s ingredients, the benefits it claims to provide to the user, its price, and some reviews and testimonials in order to decide whether it really is the best option for getting rid of wrinkles and age marks on skin.

Unlike other anti-aging products which require multiple creams and powders to cover blemishes, South Beach Skincare claims that LifeCell takes care of it all with one simple cream, rubbed on the face, neck and lips by hand. They even claim – and some reviewers agree – that you will see immediate results from applying LifeCell. LifeCell makes use of microtechnology, specifically a type of silicon dioxide in the form of crystals, to reflect light. This works because we don’t actually “see” the wrinkles on skin; instead, we see the shadow that the wrinkle casts. When the crystals reflect light from the wrinkle, the shadow becomes effectively invisible, making your skin seem smooth and flawless – at least until you wash your face. South Beach Skincare claims that it takes no more than seventeen seconds for the crystals to take effect. One review site also claims that there are a few basic benefits to LifeCell cream beyond the instantaneously smooth skin, which make it simple and effective for anyone to use. This includes the fact that it lacks the greasy feeling of other creams, it is easy for the skin to absorb, and it blends in without leaving marks behind.

South Beach Skincare describes five key ingredients for LifeCell, and they claim that each provides a natural benefit for your skin. The first is Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid (D3PA), which is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. D3PA attacks free-radicals, which can damage skin cells and increase the likelihood of wrinkles. One review site also claims that it can dilate your capillaries, which allows toxins to be flushed out more easily and helps carry nutrients and oxygen to the surface of your skin. Next is Deanol, which produces acetycholine. This improves muscle tone in the face, and also helps your skin become firmer and less saggy. It makes your face look leaner and gives a lift to your eyelids. Third is Ubiquinone, which is another type of natural anti-oxidant. This element helps your body make elastin, collagen and other molecules to maintain your skin and protect it from the effects of aging. Fourth is Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (AH3), which provides the same results as Botox but is applied in a topical cream. It blocks the signals from your nerves to the muscles of the face, reducing the likelihood of wrinkles, and lessens the risk of damage to muscles or skin. Finally, LifeCell contains Ascorbyl Palmitate, which provides Vitamin C. This helps your body make collagen, protects you from harmful UV A and B rays, lightens hyper-pigmentation, and reduces inflammation of the skin. According to reviews, it is stabler and less likely to cause irritation than the more common L-asorbic acid. These five ingredients are said to provide long-term protection and healing for aging or damaged skin, in contrast to the “quick cover-up” that the silicon dioxide crystals offer. They reduce the effects of age marks, wrinkles, and blemishes on the face and neck, making LifeCell cream a non-invasive, painless alternative to costly surgery.

It can take a longer period of time for the natural ingredients in LifeCell to work on your skin – perhaps up to four weeks. However, South Beach Skin care argues that the benefits are worth it. They include a reduced number of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other signs of aging, the lessened appearance of age spots on your skin, a more even skin tone and reduced pigmentation, fewer dark circles and bags under your eyes, firmed up and rejuvenated skin, repair for damaged skin, and even fuller lips.

The best way to get LifeCell is to purchase it from the official website. However, the buyer should be aware that the price is rather steep. For example, a forty day supply is only about two and a half ounces of cream. Two and a half ounces is enough to last forty days, the company believes, because of how little of the cream the customer will have to use to achieve the best results. The cost for that small amount is around $189, making LifeCell one of the more expensive anti-wrinkle creams on the market. Still, South Beach Skincare offers a thirty day free trial of LifeCell, for which you only have to pay shipping and handling costs. Also, since it can take up to a month to see long-term results, they provide a one hundred twenty day money back guarantee. The extended time allows you to see the full results for yourself, and to decide whether LifeCell will work for you. Finally, the manufacturer of Lifecell runs a promotion in which the customer takes a “before” and “after” photo of herself, to show the immediate benefits of using LifeCell, and sends it in. If South Beach Skincare decides to use her testimonial, they will pay her up to $1,500.

There are a number of glowing testimonials for LifeCell on the manufacturer’s website – including several from celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Desperate Housewives’ Felicity Huffman, and American Idol’s Paula Abdul. Another user adds, “It’s truly an amazing product, one that’s really met all my goals. I’ve been able to use just LifeCell to moisturize my skin. Besides its anti-aging light reflecting nanoprisms reflect away light from the shadows formed by the little fine wrinkles around my face.” A different user says, “I’ve been using LifeCell now for 3 months and the change in the texture and feel of my skin is simply amazing. My crow’s feet look practically gone and my skin looks years younger.” A review site lists further testimonials from users, who seem to favor the product overall. Several write about the improvement in the look and feel of their skin, and others approve of the fact that the cream is “all in one” instead of requiring several different types of product to achieve results. The only complaint that most users had was that the South Beach Skincare pushed LifeCell in an overly aggressive way, which turned off even those who might benefit from using the cream.

We all want to wipe out those signs of age that make our skin feel wrinkled, sagging and unattractive. Consider trying LifeCell cream, and decide for yourself whether it can help create a new you. For more info or to buy lifecell Click here!