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It has conquered the world: snail slime now appears in our cosmetics. Its undreamt-of virtues for the well-being of our skin make it a real beauty enhancer. Smoothing, regenerating and healing effects are some of the benefits on the skin of snail slime.



Snail mucus on your face?

At first sight it does not seem very appetizing. One might wonder where this ridiculous idea came from… But after it invited itself onto our plate, this snail now finds its way into our cosmetics.

Snail mucus (or phlegm) has many properties that make it a true beauty asset: moisturizing, healing, regenerating, smoothing etc… And if snail slime cosmetics only arrived in the US just a few years ago, the benefits of mucus have been known for much longer. Ancient Greece, for example, had already recognized its virtues. Later the snail’s trend was revived, first in Chile among the Mapuche women, then in the Asian countries. Until a few years ago, Chinese and Korean women even let snails slide on their faces to enjoy all their benefits. Snail mucus (or snail filtrate) is now harvested from snails to be incorporated directly into many cosmetics.

But what is the secret of snail’s slime?

In its natural state, the snail needs this precious liquid to survive. If its shell breaks, it can regenerate it in a few days thanks to the virtues of its mucus! Thanks to its mucus, the snail can progress in nature, heal and regenerate. This makes the snail filtrate a real cocktail of moisturizing and nourishing nutrients. Here is in detail the composition of the snail mucus:

  • Allantoin: with regenerating and oxygenating properties, which unifies and brightens the complexion.
  • Glycolic acid: with a smoothing and unifying action that reduces wrinkles and dark spots.
  • Natural collagen: with moisturizing properties that give the skin suppleness and elasticity.
  • Elastin: also contributes to the elasticity of the skin.
  • Vitamins A, C and E and magnesium: contribute to maintaining healthy skin.
  • Natural antibiotics: help to alleviate minor skin infections

Note: 90 to 99% of the snail mucus consists of water! It is therefore necessary to collect a lot of it and to use quite a bit of it in a serum, so that the effect of the snail mucus can be felt.

The virtues of mucus

But then what are all these components for?

Once integrated into a cream, we obtain a product that has the advantage of being much more natural than the usual creams of the early days. Most of them are even organic.

Creams with snail slime have many effects on our skin. Among the best known are their high moisturizing power, which helps to prevent dry skin, and their smoothing and regenerating effect on wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

Snail mucus also has a very good healing effect and protects the skin from infections and ultraviolet rays. The exfoliating effect of the mucus additionally lightens the complexion. Finally, thanks to its natural antibiotics, it has a soothing effect on reactive or infected skin (in the case of eczema or psoriasis).

NB: Snail mucus is not only used on the face: it’s suitable for the whole body.

For young people, the snail cream is recommended for better healing of acne pimples. Thanks to its regenerating effect, the mucus helps to soften and gradually eliminate already grown acne scars, or to thin out accidental scars. But that’s not all: snail mucus can be used by anyone. With age, the lack of collagen weakens the skin and the first wrinkles or spots appear on the face. Therefore, the mucus from the snail will help regenerate the skin cells and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. The result: firmer and younger-looking skin. Of course, it is best to start using it as soon as possible, as with any anti-wrinkle cream.

How to choose the right cream?

Since snail slime has become more and more popular in our cosmetics, many brands have set the trend and offer mucus-based products.

Day or night cream, anti-wrinkle cream, anti-inflammatory cream, body care, moisturizing care… How do you work your way through all these product lines?

To begin with, you have to identify your needs and your skin type. Dry, sensitive or simply oily, what does your skin really needs.

Depending on your skin type and your needs (moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, etc.), you can choose the right cream, gel or care product. Do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist beforehand. To find your cream, know that it is not in the pharmacy where you will find a snail-based cosmetic product, but on the Internet, on sites specializing in organic products or in conventional stores. There are many different prices for snail slime creams, ranging from single to triple digits.

What are the best brands?

The question that everyone asks is, how do you choose?

And above all, how to avoid “bad” products? You have to be careful and look at the labels. Some snail creams contain very little snail mucus.

Make sure you buy a cream based on mucus and not on “mucus extract”. This is because the mucus extract is heavily diluted, often in water, and the final product contains only a very small amount of active ingredients and the degree of effectiveness is much lower.

In contrast, real, pure and natural mucus contains only mucus. Finally, you have to check where the mucus comes from: in China, sometimes all the snail is crushed to make mucus which results in a product that is far from pure.

Is it possible to make homemade Snail Slime cream?

Do you wonder how you can get the mucus to make your own slime cream? You should know that this is extremely difficult. Unless you manage to do like the Mapuche women, who put their snails in warm water to relax them, and then tickle the base of their body to stimulate them. So they produced more snail mucus. When this phase is over, the next question is how to purify the mucus?  It will have to be filtered twice and decanted. So it’s a long journey for you if you want to make your own snail mucus treatment.