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Are you tired of all these wonderful products that are shown on television, on the internet or in shops? Are you tired of looking for other, expensive and ineffective skin care products? The solution is to eat better (of course avoid fatty foods), but most importantly, we advise you to eat these foods daily to have perfect skin. Here is a list of foods you should consider if you want to have healthy and youthful skin:

Carrots Celery

Carrots Celery

Red pepper

Red Pepper is a tasty and easy to cook vegetable. It can be eaten raw or cooked and is good for your skin in both cases. It contains large amounts of fiber and vitamin B6. It is also rich in carotenoids, which can help prevent wrinkles and increase blood flow to your skin, making it look younger! And because of the carotenoids it contains, red pepper is also one of the best remedies for acne.

Red pepper is a low-calorie food, as a single red pepper contains about 30 calories. You can keep your peppers in your refrigerator, but don’t hesitate to eat them if you are a little hungry. The fiber that a pepper contains helps you feel full for longer with very few calories. You will also have flawless skin!

Did you know?  A red pepper contains more than 100% of the daily vitamin C requirement.

Dark chocolate

Shouldn’t be too hard to get you to eat dark chocolate for perfect skin? Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and flavanols that promote radiant skin. Dark chocolate’s antioxidants help reduce skin wrinkles and protect your skin from sun damage (be careful, it’s not as effective as sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun). In addition, cocoa relaxes the arteries, which increases blood flow to healthier skin.

Did you know that? For less fat, buy cocoa powder or raw cocoa. And if you like dark chocolate, eat a few grams of dark chocolate every day and be sure to choose 80% dark chocolate to avoid the milk and added sugar found in traditional chocolate bars.


Salmon is one of the best foods for fighting stress, anxiety and depression. Salmon also covers most of your daily vitamin D needs. And as you already know, vitamin D helps keep your heart, bones, colon and brain healthy.

Salmon is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent for fighting inflammation, wrinkles and acne. Its high omega-3 content helps to hydrate your skin from within. In addition, eating salmon keeps your scalp hydrated and helps you have strong, healthy hair.

Did you know ? Salmon helps prevent colon cancer, anxiety, depression, heart and bone disease!

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the richest sources of saturated fats. This oil contains lauric acid, a powerful antibacterial and antiviral agent that keeps viruses, infections, inflammation and acne at bay. Coconut oil is also rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which are perfect for keeping your skin moist, soft and wrinkle-free. Coconut oil is especially good for your thyroid gland and is said to help you lose weight.

Did you know? You can use coconut oil as a body cream and consume 1 tablespoon daily for a long lasting effect on your body.

Green tea

If you could drink green tea every day like coconut oil, it would be perfect for your skin. Green tea is a great source of antioxidants and the unique amino acid “L-Theanine” which helps to relax the body. Green tea also helps combat stress, so it is recommended to drink 3 or more cups of tea daily.

Did you know this? When tea is hot, it releases catechins, a kind of antioxidant against cancer, which also has anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea also helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.


Spinach is a healthy, nutrient-rich food that you should include in your daily diet. Often hated by kids spinach is a wonderful source of iron, folic acid, chlorophyll, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin A, fiber, vegetable protein and vitamin C. Vitamins C, E and A are particularly good for the skin due to their antioxidant capacity.

Did you know? Spinach contains antioxidants that fight all kinds of skin problems. Add it to your daily diet and you will see the results on your skin.


Chia seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds are excellent for improving the skin. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are rich in selenium, vitamin E, magnesium and protein. Selenium and protein help to prevent the formation of wrinkles, vitamin E improves the moisture content of the skin and magnesium reduces stress levels. Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fatty acids found in flax, chia and hemp seeds and are perfect for fighting wrinkles and acne. These seeds are also rich in proteins.

Did you know? To eat these seeds, simply sprinkle some on your salad and enjoy. Just think about it. You can also add them to yogurt or smoothies.


Another food that you should eat every day for a perfect skin is celery. This vegetable is often underestimated, yet celery contains vitamin K, which maintains blood circulation and helps lower high blood pressure. Celery can also help reduce stress levels. The stress that builds up can, as you know, lead to bad skin, migraines and in extreme cases even cancer.

Did you know? Celery is a natural source of sodium, potassium and water and can prevent dehydration. It is therefore an ideal food for healthy skin, because dry skin can promote the appearance of wrinkles. Furthermore, celery is very low in calories.


Papaya is a wonderful fruit with a rich history and many nutritional benefits. It is very low in calories (only 39 calories per 100 grams).  Papaya is an excellent remedy for the beauty of the body, it is low in fructose and excellent for digestion. The antioxidant nutrients contained in this food, including vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, help reduce skin inflammation and acne. In addition, vitamin C can also protect the skin from sun damage.

Did you know? Papaya contains no cholesterol, so you can eat it if you are trying to lose weight, but also to have beautiful, healthy skin.


Carrots are not only good for your eyes, but also for your skin. Carrots are rich in vitamin A: they help to prevent the overproduction of cells in the outer layer of skin. Another good reason to chop carrots is that they are loaded with vitamin A, which reduces the development of skin cancer cells. That is why it is advisable to eat carrot every day to have perfect skin.

And you, what are your tricks for having good skin?

In any case, even if you do not eat these foods every day, try to eat them regularly! Avoid junk food, too much sugar, too much fat and too many refined carbohydrates. Which of these foods do you eat daily? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us. Thanks for reading!