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What if we could look and feel  5 to 10 years younger and still look natural? While we wait for the invention of the elixir of youth, let’s give you some not so difficult tips on how to live a lifestyle that challenges the passage of time.wrinkles

  1. Pamper your skin

There’s nothing like dry, dull, tired skin to make you look old. According to a scientific study, a woman may look 10 to 12 years older, depending on the homogeneity of her complexion! That’s why it’s important to pamper, moisturize and awaken your skin with a range of skin care products that are designed to meet your needs. The aim: to combat wrinkles and at the same time improve your complexion.

We need a routine that involves the use of anti aging creams and serums that is 100% adapted to our skin. Most importantly when applying these products we must avoid pushing our face down to avoid further skin laxity. Starting from the neck, work up to the forehead and from the middle of the face to the top of the cheekbones.

As always, we must be careful around the sun, which is certainly the worst enemy of our skin. To prevent free radicals, we must choose a product rich in antioxidants. Argan oil is a great anti-aging oil with a lot of anti-oxidants. Moroccan Berber women have been using Argan oil for millennia to treat all kinds of skin conditions including dry skin and the dreaded wrinkles. To reap the benefits of this oil  consider Skinception Argan Oil!

  1. Work on your posture

To gain a straight attractive and youthful posture we must work on straightening our arched back.

The technique?

Contract your abdominal muscles (without stopping your breathing), open your shoulders and reach out to the top with your head by raising your feet and imagining that a wire is pulling you up. Flexibility exercises and yoga are good ways to maintain a perfect posture every day as well.

  1. A makeup adapted to our needs


Done correctly a good makeup should make us look few years younger. We should aim for a lightweight anti-aging makeup; just enough to lighten, enhance and give us a fresh, refreshed look.

To prepare, we erase wrinkles with a softening base (apply only to the affected areas). We then choose a very soft liquid foundation that matches the skin tone, applied from the center of the face upwards and outwards. We should also use an anti under-eye circles product like Eyelasticity but only use enough to lighten the eyes without freezing them.

Another recipe to make the eyes look more relaxed: darken the eyebrows, which become lighter with time. You can remove the hair underneath to open the eye and delicately trace the upper line of the eyebrow with a shade of the same hue or a pencil. For the lips, consider collagen lipsticks, which add volume and smooth the fine lines.

  1. Find the right look.

The key to a “young” look is choosing the right cuts, nice shapes in beautiful materials. There is no reason to go through a teenager’s wardrobe or, on the contrary, to overdose on sophistication. We should opt for a casual chic look.

Some good tips:

When your arms start to lose firmness, you should go for long sleeves or just above your elbows.

Avoid the push-up bra, as it creases the skin in the cleavage area.

Above all, it is important to choose clothes that make you feel beautiful and comfortable!

  1. Exercising

We know sport is the best ally for a healthy mind in a healthy… and young body.

A little cardio to make the blood flow (good circulation brings more nutrients and oxygen to the skin), a little weight training to strengthen the skin and prevent laxity.

As a bonus, sport increases collagen production and fights free radicals. In combination with a balanced diet, it’s also the best way to see a few extra pounds disappear. It’s always good for a little rejuvenation.

Working out also raises the production of HGH which is also known as the youth hormone. It is believed that the drop of HGH levels that come with aging causes our skin to lose its firmness, volume and as a result becomes more wrinkled.

In addition to exercising you may also consider taking an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus, Genfx, Sytropin or Somatropinne as they can dramatically raise your HGH levels which should in turn make you look and feel years younger.

  1. choose an Anti-Aging Diet

How about we check our eating habits?

Eat foods that contain the vitamins and minerals needed to repair old and damaged skin, and consume antioxidants to combat the free radicals that accelerate the aging process. High doses of antioxidants are found in almonds, lemon, garlic, dark chocolate, berries, etc.

  1. Laughter

Stress is largely responsible for wrinkles and skin aging. The best way to relax is by Laughing as  It limits the production of stress hormones and forces the facial muscles to relax. So, even if you’re alone, a good fun video on the internet and you’re done.

  1. Finding the right haircut

A good hairdo can change everything. We run to the hairdresser to recharge our batteries and choose the color that illuminates the complexion and camouflage gray hair. Always ask your hairdresser for advice on what hair cut will work for you.

Don’t forget to take care of your hair, with shampoos for shine and volume and collagen treatments that make your hair thick and strong.

  1. Sleep well

Order Kollagen Intensiv Risk FreeSleep is good for you because it helps remove signs of fatigue, relieve stress and eliminate toxins.  In fact, cellular regeneration occurs at night, with a peak of activity between 11:00 and 3:00 in the morning. The ideal length of sleep is between 6 and 8 hours a night. Combined with an anti-aging cream such as Kollagen intensiv, these few hours of rest will have a magical effect on your look.

And to make up for the hours that you missed, nothing beats a good nap.

  1. Adopting the right philosophy in life

To stay young or become young again also means to understand that there is no age for many things we tend to keep away from ourselves over the years. No, there is no age for a picnic on the lawn when the sun comes out, no age for dancing at night, no age for flirting, no age for singing your favorite song in front of the mirror. This is how we get rid of our prejudices about age that see our passions or our little pleasures fade with time. Believe it or not, a young spirit is reflected to the outside world!