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Producing more growth hormone is interesting on many levels. It not only helps you stay healthy and younger for longer. But also and above all it promotes the build-up of your muscle mass and at the same time reduces your fat reserves. Therefore it is a strategy that is worthwhile in times when you want to lose fat and gain muscles.

A Fit Man

The problem is that growth hormone (or HGH) in synthetic form (mainly by injection) is illegal in the US and in many countries. This is why we are now offering you a complete guide to increasing your natural growth hormone production.

And above all:

  • Change your diet
  • improve the quality of your sleep
  • learning how to deal with your stress
  • especially changing your exercise routine.

Natural growth hormone, why stimulate it?

There are several reasons why you may want to increase your growth hormone levels. The latter (which you will also find in this article under the name GH, for Growth Hormone) is very important for the development of your body. Especially your muscles.

Growth Hormone stimulates muscle growth and accelerates metabolism. HGH has two main benefits: It burns fat reserves more efficiently. But also increases your energy levels and make which allows you to workout longer in the gym.

Produce HGH naturally?

On the other hand, too low growth hormone levels can have a negative effect on your health. You run the risk of gaining weight and are more exposed to certain diseases. All the more reason to raise the levels, especially if it gradually decreases after reaching puberty.

However, be careful not to use synthetic GH. Produced in a laboratory, it poses serious health risks (vision problems, migraines, joint pain, etc.).

Fortunately, there are many ways to produce more natural growth hormone. Here are the most effective ones.

Losing Weight

The first way to increase the production of the natural growth hormone is to eliminate the fat reserves. This is because the fat in your body is directly related to your HGH levels. The more fat you have, the less HGH you produce and the more likely you are to be exposed to disease. This is especially true for abdominal fat, which reduces your HGH production by a factor of 3, but it is also more in men than in women, according to a recent study.

On the one hand, by getting rid of your body fat, you significantly reduce your risk of obesity. On the other hand, you will also optimize your growth hormone production. You can also concentrate more on your stomach.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been proven in many studies to raise HGH levels significantly. This approach consists of not eating for a short period of time. It can be adopted in various ways.

For example, an easy intermittent fasting option consists of only eating during an 8 hour window every 24 hours. You can also take a more radical cure, consuming less than 500 calories 2 days a week.

In general, intermittent fasting allows you to produce more growth hormones, mainly because it helps you reduce body fat. Fasting is also an excellent way to regulate your insulin levels because the higher they are, the less GH you will produce.

Some studies have even shown that fasting for 3 consecutive days can increase the production of natural growth hormone by 300%. There is still a lack of data on intermittent fasting however.

Taking the right supplements

As we have seen, nutrition is particularly important to produce more growth hormones. You can also give your body a small boost by taking food supplements.

Be careful, we are not talking about capsules or injections of synthetic growth hormone. We are talking about food supplements, especially those rich in amino acids, which will have a similar effect, but in a natural way.


Arginine is very important for producing more growth hormones, especially when it is part of a complete sports routine. In fact, taking 100 mg of arginine per kilogram of body weight would increase the production of HGH by 60%. Genf20 Plus is a good HGH Supplement that has been proven in a clinical study to raise HGH levels.


GABA is another very interesting amino acid for athletes. It acts as a neurotransmitter and therefore has a direct influence on our nervous system, especially by calming it. It will therefore significantly improve the quality of your sleep and thus increase your GH level in a natural way.

According to the latest clinical studies carried out on this subject, GABA can increase HGH levels by almost 400% if taken during meals. And by 200% after physical exercise. You may consider an HGH supplement such as Growth Factor Plus for faster results.

Beta-alanine or recovery drinks after training

Beta-alanine, which is contained in recovery drinks, is also ideal for increasing natural growth hormone levels. If you take 5 grams before training, you can perform better and increase your exercising capacity by over 20%!

Avoid high-sugar with protein drinks. It is known that too much insulin slows down GH production. Therefore, pick those without carbohydrates, which achieve much better results.


Melatonin is interesting as a supplement to increase growth hormone levels, especially during weight training. Indeed, this hormone plays a crucial role in the quality and regulation of your sleep. This allows you to increase your GH levels.

It is completely safe for the body and without risk of toxicity, helps regulate the nervous system and helps you sleep better. However, it is preferable to consult your doctor before taking it. In general, a dose of 1 to 5 mg (depending on weight) half an hour before going to bed is recommended.

Other natural food supplements

Other dietary supplements are also recommended for athletes who wish to increase their levels of natural growth hormones. These include:

  • Glutamine: not more than 2 grams in a short time for an 80% increase
  • Creatine: a dose of 20 grams for an increase over more than 5 hours
  • Ornithine: taken after training
  • L-dopamine: no more than 500 mg per day
  • Glycine: allows for the appearance of growth hormone peaks in a short period of time.

Sugar Reduction

In order to maintain the diet, lowering the insulin level is relevant for producing more growth hormone for weight loss. Carbohydrates and sugar will actually reduce your ability to produce HGH naturally. Excess sugar also increases body fat and the risk of obesity, two harmful factors if you want to increase GH production in the long term.

So try to eat a healthy and balanced diet and reduce your insulin levels as much as possible.

Avoid eating before going to sleep

If you didn’t already know, your body produces more natural growth hormone at night. Knowing that after a meal your insulin level will be higher, it’s a good idea to eat less at night. Or at least avoid eating before going to bed (especially if you eat foods with a high fat, protein or sugar content).

Stimulating your growth hormone through food?

Our insulin level usually drops 3 hours after eating, so it is advisable to eat at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Adopting the right physical workout

In order to produce more natural growth hormone, you also need to exercise. However, not all exercises will be equally effective. The most interesting in this respect are intensive workouts with short breaks.

In fact, high-intensity exercises play on your metabolism and increase your lactic acid levels. This is exactly what makes them so beneficial. For example, you can do repeated sprints or weight training to produce more HGH and lose more fat.

Sleep better

Finally you can produce more growth hormone without doing anything at least nothing but sleep. In fact, HGH is regulated by your internal clock, and in particular by your circadian rhythm. That’s why production peaks are recorded at night, usually before midnight and in the early morning.

Sleeping to produce more HGH

Poor sleep quality causes growth hormone levels to drop. To be able to sleep better, you can do the following:

  • No more exposure to screens one or two hours before sleep (preferably a good book)
  • Raise the temperature of your room slightly
  • Avoid coffee after 4 in the afternoon.