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Many scientific studies are now showing how the man-made electromagnetic fields, in which we are now permanently immersed, are dangerous to our health.



Our environment, which is increasingly charged with electric and magnetic waves, can thus accelerate our aging process. So what can we do about it?

What is electromagnetic emission?

As soon as an electric current flows through a conductor, an electromagnetic field is emitted, similar to how a radio transmission antenna works. This field rapidly decreases in intensity as it moves away from its source of emission.

Some fields exist of course, for example: those at the magnetic poles of the earth, the circulation of the rivers, the mineral deposits, etc… But for more than a century now man has created many more or less harmful magnetic fields: large electrical transformers, power lines, radio waves, household appliances and now, much more present in our lives: Wifi, mobile phones, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, computer monitors, etc…

Today, exposure to artificially generated electromagnetic waves is much greater than exposure to natural waves. Depending on their frequency, these radiations have different effects and properties on the human body and health. Some are ionizing, some penetrate easily into body tissues, others do not…

Electrical activity is everywhere in our body

The electrical signals are present in our whole body. It is possible to measure them using electrocardiograms, electromyography, electroencephalograms.

In fact, electrical microcurrents are also present in each of our cells and therefore in all our organs. Therefore, life is closely related to electrical activity. Without it, there are no vital functions.

Effects of electromagnetic fields on health

It is known that electromagnetic fields, depending on their strength, are able to modify nearby electrical activities. Therefore, a sufficiently strong field can influence the electrical function of the body cells and their functions.

In 1970, the first American studies showed the effects on the health of people living near power lines who are more affected by certain diseases (headaches, insomnia, nervous breakdowns, etc.)

A Californian university team in a study on 28,745 children showed that those who were exposed to the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones during pregnancy and after birth had a higher risk of developing a behavioral disorder (up to 50% more).

In fact, there are effects on humans that are fully accepted by science:

Strong magnetic fields can cause sensory effects (nausea, dizziness…) or even alter the electrocardiogram.

Very high frequency fields (radio frequencies) have been the subject of particular study in recent years and are very present around us: radio, television, Wifi, mobile phones, microwaves… They are (among other things) able to heat tissue. This is known when you talk for a long time with a mobile phone close to your ear.

At lower frequencies, they can produce stimulating induced electrical currents, especially in very receptive tissues such as nerves, brain andmuscles. Some people are more sensitive than others.

A magnetic field of about 20-50 Hz is strong enough that it can cause visual disturbances.

Other effects are still being questioned and discussed, such as:

  • The induction of cancer
  • The disruption of enzymatic or even hormonal systems
  • Mood disorders
  • By altering the permeability of our cell membranes

There are scientists that are convinced, but there are also controversial debates.

However, in 2002, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified very low frequency waves as carcinogenic (transformers, power lines, railways, etc.).

Electromagnetic waves can kill

The Agency for the Environment and Occupational Safety and Health was able to establish a link between habitats near high-voltage power lines (and other electrical transformers) and leukemia in children.

An Anses expert report in 2013 on radio frequency exposure found that many studies showed no dangerous effects on the body and only a few studies showed any health effects (e.g. sleep or genotoxicity). However, health institutions felt that studies were still needed on the effects of long-term exposure (especially long-term exposure).

Note that IARC classified radiofrequencies as potentially carcinogenic to humans (higher risk of brain tumors (gliomas)). It also notes that more research on long-term intensive use of mobile phones is needed.

How can we protect ourselves from electromagnetic waves?

First of all, by living away from known sources of electromagnetic radiation. That is, avoid living next to an electric transformer or under a high voltage line or next to a radio or telephone transmission antenna.

Electrical field measurements

There are devices (some of which are even available to the general public) for measuring electric and magnetic fields. Precision devices are quite expensive, but there are even free applications for smartphones (see, for example, ElectroSmart and EMF-Detector). There are agencies that diagnose and measure home exposure.

The official EWG guideline gives a hazard threshold of 5 kiloVolt/meter in the electric field and 1 Gauss for the magnetic field. In general, it is not achieved in standard urban habitats, let alone in rural areas. However, it can be different in certain areas close to an intense electrical activity.

According to some biologists, the risk would appear at much lower values. It has already been said that a thousand times lower dose would be enough to make our health worse.

Electromagnetic protection

Without wanting to take complicated measures, it mainly consists of not staying too long in places that are disturbed by electromagnetic waves, for example, near:

  • Microwave ovens, refrigerators, televisions, electric appliances etc.
  • Transmitting antennas, mobile phones or cell phones
  • Computer monitors

Make sure that all electrical equipment is properly grounded. Avoid leaving the equipment in permanent standby mode. You will also save electrical energy and do well for our planet.

The importance of the room

Growth Factor Plus

Growth Factor Plus

Given the time we spend in bed and the importance of sleep for our health, it is important to avoid electromagnetic radiation in our bedroom as much as possible. By intensifying the phenomena of oxidation (see the ANSES report) for hours on end, disturbing our sleep and consequently our hormonal production, they accelerate our aging.

Here are some basic tips on where to sleep:

  • Avoid electrical appliances in the bedroom and right behind the walls near the bed,
  • Make sure that the bedside lamps are switched off by switching off the phase and not the neutral conductor, otherwise the lamps and even the electrical cables will continue to emit waves even when switched off
  • Turn off your phones if they’re in the same room,
  • Remove extension cables near the bed
  • Ban on electric alarm clocks and WIFI radios in bed,
  • Avoid sleeping near large metal objects
  • There are graphite protection paints and window protection films,
  • There are also some types of mosquito nets impregnated with silver salt that can stop almost all the ambient radiation.

Things to remember

Without going into controversy about the possible effects of electromagnetic fields on human beings, it is obvious that they have some effects on health. It is no coincidence that wave protection measures are provided for by law, with a definition of permissible or tolerated thresholds.

Of course, everything is a matter of dose. In a world where everything is controlled or transmitted by waves that circulate everywhere all the time, logic dictates that we try to limit this exposure as much as possible in order to remain at the lowest possible level.

There are some simple gestures that can help, like turning off the phone at night, avoiding long stays in areas with intense radiation.

It is important to think and be aware of this, especially when trying to keep in shape for a long period of time and slow down the aging process.