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A British study announced the average penis size in each country and let’s face it, frankly, the US is not well positioned.


A British study by the University of Ustler lifted the veil on the fascinating question of average penis size by country. What country is breaking all the records? Let’s get to the point ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Congo. With on average an 18 cm penis when erect our Congolese friends are closely followed by the men from Ecuador (17.8cm) and the Ghanaian (17.3cm). Also the Colombians and the Icelanders do not come out badly with an average length of just above 16 centimeters.

American men’s average penis size when erect is around 13 which lands them at a spot far from the top 10. We can also say that the Americans are not even among the winners in the Americas either, because the Ecuadorans, Colombians and even Canadians are clearly ahead of them.  Finally both the Koreans from the south and north come at the bottom with an average penis size of 9,652 centimeters. Come on, this is clearly the time to remember the saying “better being a little and reliable than big and lazy”, isn’t it?

Here is the list of average penis sizes per country:

* 1 Centimeter = 0.393701 Inches

  1. Republic of Congo 18 cm
  2. Ecuador 17.8 cm
  3. Ghana 17.3cm
  4. Colombia 17 cm
  5. Iceland 16,5 cm
  6. Italy 15,7 cm
  7. South Africa 15.2 cm
  8. Sweden 15 cm
  9. Greece 14.7 cm
  10. Germany 14.5 cm
  11. New Zealand 14 cm
  12. Great Britain 14 cm
  13. Canada 14 cm
  14. Spain 14 cm
  15. France 13,5 cm
  16. Australia 13.2cm
  17. Russia 13,2 cm
  18. United States 13 cm
  19. Ireland 12.7 cm
  20. Romania 12.7 cm
  21. China 10.9 cm
  22. India 10,2 cm
  23. Thailand 10,2 cm
  24. North and South Korea 9,7 cm