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Knix, a Canadian lingerie company, wanted to fight age discrimination in its new advertising campaign. The brand then put many women over 50 in the spotlight!

Knix Lingerie

Knix Lingerie

As in every year, the fashion brands are celebrating International Women’s Day with campaigns that focus on empowering women and gender equality. The proceeds are often donated to organizations and charities that support women’s cause and rights.

Knix, a Canadian lingerie brand founded by women for women, has decided to go even further. The brand has decided to fight ageism by celebrating women over 50 for embracing their bodies at all stages of life. In its new campaign, Knix honors more than 500 women between 50 and 81 years of age.

The brand also introduced a social networking video entitled “Age doesn’t matter – a message from Knix”. The video begins with a woman standing in front of a marble statue while listening to Demi Lovato’s song “Confident”. “50 is the new…” then “Who cares”, we read on the screen. Then 13 women of all sizes from 50 to 81 are on stage, dancing and laughing. They all seem to feel perfectly comfortable in their bodies wearing Knix underwear.

“The inspiration for this video is quite simple. For years, society has pretended that women of a certain age do not exist. They are disappearing from advertising, especially in our lingerie category – in 2018, Adriana Lima became the oldest angel of Victoria’s Secret at 37 years of age. At Knix we want to give all women, regardless of age, the opportunity to be themselves without shame. To achieve this, we need to make sure that they feel seen in our marketing,” said brand founder Joanna Griffiths.

“On International Women’s Day, we have a message for the world. We want women over 50 no longer to be treated as invisible. Women over 50 still exist. And they are still sexy, confident and tough. At Knix, we try to live every day as if it were International Women’s Day. This has always been our mission: we believe it is time for all women to live fully, without excuses. And we mean ALL women,”  said the company via Instagram. The publication was seen by more than 130,000 people. She received many positive comments, including one from actress and women’s rights activist Kristen Bell, who continued to congratulate the brand on its initiative.