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Aging is inevitable and its associated signs have prompted women from around the globe to take drastic measures in thwarting those signs. A study of 2,000 adult women revealed dark circles under their eyes was the second biggest fear, followed by dry skin and with wrinkles peaking at number one on  the fear chart of aging. And as a result they spend a lot of time and resources to try to look their best.Anti Aging Makeup

Women spend weeks of their lives on their faces in a bid to look younger, a study has revealed.

A spokeswoman for O’Keeffe’s skin care, who commissioned the study, said: “Our results found we’re a nation that loves to primp and preen themselves. Squeezing, waxing, shaving and slathering on lotions, Brits are happy to go to extreme lengths to keep themselves looking their best. But a comprehensive skincare regime needn’t take you hours and hours – and of course, diet also plays a big part. While most women stuck to three products a day, nearly 20 per cent admitted to using more than 10″.

According to the study, an average woman spends seven weeks washing the face, six weeks moisturizing, four weeks exfoliating and twenty- five days applying anti- aging creams. The study also found out that 23 days of a woman’s life is spent applying skin oils, 10 days painting nails, nine days plucking eyebrows and three days wearing face mask. The seconds and minutes spent each day add up to the total number of days and weeks spent on the face in an average woman’s lifetime. For instance the six weeks of their lives spent applying moisturizer is from setting aside three minutes a day to apply the lotion.

Facts and opinions from the study

More than half of those who took part thought moisturizing regularly was the key to warding off the signs of aging, with the average woman using up six liters in their life. And despite 37 per cent currently, or previously suffering, from acne, around two-thirds don’t have a skincare regime.

Brits have on average five ‘bad skin days’ a month, and a fifth of people avoid socializing due to their skin.

Women also thought it was unfair women are ‘expected’ to take more care of their appearance than men. Perhaps, it could be because women’s faces age faster than men’s

An Option of worrying less and spending time instead on more important things

The desire for an ever youthful look fueled by the dissatisfaction from their looks has by no doubt made a lot of women to go the extra length even as far as using ten products per day. But, despite all this careful cosmetic application, It’s quite hilarious that many of them still devote as much time to editing their photos on Facebook.

While aging and its accompanying physical signs are inevitable, accepting fate, going barefaced, enjoying quality time with family members while maintaining a good diet are recommended instead as the essentials for slowing the aging process and not looking younger. Of course, it’s impossible to look younger.