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It would be useless to argue about the fact that women like men who are taller than them. We know for sure that most women know that although their men are not usually tall, they are expected to be taller than their wives.

Tall Men

Tall Men

Science can’t explain without a doubt why it is this way. Affection is not something that scientists can measure or qualify. But attraction, especially physical attraction, is easy for scientists to explain.

If women prefer tall men, they don’t want giants.

A Dutch study of heterosexual couples found that both sexes prefer men to be taller than women, but only by a reasonable amount.

Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands analyzed data from the parents of 19,000 babies born in the UK in 2000.

They found that in more than nine out of ten couples, the man was taller than the woman. The average height difference between the two sexes was about 14 cm.

An earlier study of British and American couples, published in 1980, showed that in only one in 720 couples was the woman taller than the man.

However, Dutch researchers stated that women were taller in two out of every 100 couples, 14 times more than in the 1980 study.

The researchers found that although women prefer tall men, they do not prefer giants either. Height differences of more than 25 cm were less common.

In addition, the study shows that women prefer a greater height difference than men, but that tall men and tall women prefer a smaller height difference.

These results were published in the Public Library of Science (PLoS) One.

Previous studies also showed that tall men are more likely to marry and have more children than short men.

Here are four reasons why women are attracted to tall men:

It’s instinct

According to many experts, women tend to like taller men because nature has programmed them to do so. A taller man is usually associated with strength.

And over the years, women have been seen as vulnerable people who need to be protected. Therefore, protection by strong protectors is necessary.

 Women want their husbands to stand out, literally.

Growth Factor Plus BenefitsThe idea of having a partner that everyone can see is an encouragement to women. And often a tall man is something that everyone can see. The tall man, the center of attraction, is then sought after by a woman because other women want him too.

 To arouse the envy of other women.

Society can teach that it is not necessary to be jealous of others. But some scientists have said that the search for people who stir the envy of others is something that is imprinted in people’s minds. The simple recognition that comes from association with a tall man (the best of men) is what motivates women.

They believe that taller men are better in bed

This is probably a non-scientific argument. But it is perhaps the most common in many women’s minds.

Most women think that taller men are better lovers simply because they are believed to be more virile.

So what?

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