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If you have one eyeshadow palette that’s supposed to take you through the whole year, well, you may need to update yourself. Your summer look isn’t going to look so fresh and glowing during the cold winter months. And you dark purple winter lipstick is going to make you look like a clown during the summer. See what we mean? For each season, you have to adjust your look to match the climate and environment. So, here are some tips for giving you the best look for each season.


This is applicable for all four seasons. You want to make sure that you’re keeping your skin properly hydrated. In the winter, your skin is susceptible to cracking, so you want to make sure that you properly protect your face with scarves and heavier moisturisers. If you’re acne prone, stay away from skin-drying ingredients such as sulphur. In the spring and summer months, you need to wear a proper sunscreen with an SPF of no less than 30. However, during the spring and summer, because the weather is getting warmer you’re more susceptible to breakouts. You want to make sure that your makeup products are not oily, including your sunscreen.

Go waterproof

During spring and summer, the weather is getting warmer which means you’ll be sweating more. You want to make sure you opt for waterproof makeup so that you don’t run the risk of having makeup running down your face, especially when you’re going out. 

Winter hair

During the winter, you want to keep your look relatively dark. This means, instead of opting for highlights in your hair, you want your hair to be rich and sensual in color. Dark brown, auburn, chocolate – these are the colors to opt for during the winter season.

Spring hair 

Now that winter is over, you want to look refreshed for spring and summer. You can have fun with lighter hair colors such as golden brown, red, or blonde. These colors will take you right through to summer and will match your golden tan perfectly.

Makeup for each season

You want to make sure that your makeup fits the vibe and energy of the season you’re in. Here are the color palettes to follow for each season.

Winter: Winter is cold and dark. So, you want to wear rich and bold colors like deep purples, navy blues, black, emerald greens and bright reds. If you choose makeup that’s lighter in color, you run the risk of looking washed out and pale. However, if you are going to wear a light color opt for cool pastels such as pink, green and icy blue.

Spring: Spring is about life coming back, flowers are blooming, the sun shines, so this will be shown in your makeup. Soft colors such as peach, light yellow, and golden brown are some options. You can also try a soft coral or blues. You want to stay away from colors that are dark and dull since they’ll only wash you out.

Summer: Summer is hot, sweaty and golden. It’s best that you’re products aren’t oily or heavy since you’ll probably be sweating. You can have fun though with your makeup and try pastels and neutrals. Don’t go overly dramatic on your makeup since this is the period where you want to look naturally beautiful and flawless.

Autumn: Summer is over and now, you’re slowly getting reintroduced back into winter. However, it’s still warm outside so you show that in your makeup. Wear rich and spicy earth-toned colors. You can go either muted or rich warm colors such as brown, yellow, red, light green, olive green, and gold. You can basically wear everything except gray.

When in doubt, gloss

If you’re not sure what color of gloss or lipstick to wear, opt for a clear gloss. You can’t go wrong with a clear gloss as it’s extremely versatile. If you have a dramatic eye, a neutral or gloss is the best option, or else you’ll look too heavy in the face. If your eyes aren’t dramatic, then you can go for a more dramatic lip.

Don’t be shy to test it out

Many people are scared to try out different styles of makeup, however, don’t be. It may take you a couple times to get a look right, however, the internet is an amazing place if you want to learn how to do a smokey eye.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to having a flawless look regardless of the season you’re in.