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How do I know for sure that GenF20 Plus is safe for me to use?

To date, no known side effects have been linked to using GenF20 Plus™. Just as with the many health products and nutritional supplements on the market that cannot guarantee they are safe for you to use, we also cannot guarantee GenF20 Plus™ is safe for you to use. The product itself is safe, and made with the highest standards, but we don’t know anything about your current health, your allergies, your medical history, etc.  We know you will understand this!

Genf20 Plus is Safe To Use

Genf20 Plus is Safe To Use

What we can assure you that right now thousands of people around the world are successfully taking GenF20 Plus, and right now they are extremely happy with the results they are achieving.

The manufacturer only wants the best for their customers and so have gone above and beyond what they legally need to do. They are using the same cGMP certified pharmaceuticals manufacturer that most of the major retailers use – retailers such as Albertsons, Safeway, Walgreen, Walmart, etc.

You read right! they are producing in the same way that major players produce. They use the majority of the tests, standards, and procedures that you will find required in the life-saving drug manufacturing process when they manufacture GenF20 Plus™.

What this means is…

  • GenF20 Plus™.is cGMP compliant and cGMP certified!
  • All of the raw materials are tested for purity prior to use in production.
  • Upon request they will happily provide you with a copy of their Certificate of Analysis for all of the ingredients to ensure these ingredients are potent, safe, and fresh. (Just ask!)
  • Each box of GenF20 Plus is marked with a lot number and an expiry date…just more proof of how focused GenF20 Plus is on your safety and how they take their reputation very seriously!

… You probably recognize how the maintenance of such high standards eats up their profits.

But their #1 priority isn’t profits – it’s your safety. Morally, they couldn’t live with themselves if they ran their company differently!

If you have any particular concerns about the use of Genf20, you should discuss this with your medical professional!

Is it true I could get Mad Cow Disease from HGH?

NO! NO! NO! Absolutely not – you cannot get Mad Cow Disease.

Let’s talk about how this fear came to be…

The first thing you have to remember is that GenF20 Plus™ is an “HGH Releaser” – This means that it encourages one’s body to increase HGH production in the pituitary gland, which is much different than injecting foreign synthetic HGH injections into one’s body.

With GenF20 Plus™, it is the body that is naturally producing HGH, so it is impossible for a person to get Mad Cow Disease. There is no doubt that this is by far the SAFEST way to increase your HGH levels without any concerns.

There was a time when Mad Cow Disease was a very real concern. From 1958 to 1985, there were thousands of children that were treated with HGH injections because they were HGH deficient and suffering from Short stature. These HGH injections came from cadaver brains.

As a result of the failure to fully test the donating cadavers there were some children who developed “Mad Cow Disease,” or “Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.”

When it was discovered that Mad Cow Disease was occurring, the HGH injection treatments from human cadavers were immediately stopped.

Then in the mid 1980s, a drug company created a synthetic HGH that was 100% identical to the 191-amino-acid HGH the body produces naturally. This synthetic HGH (somatropin) is what is now used in HGH injections in children and its responsible for combating aging and helping Kids grow taller.

EXCEPT synthetic HGH is only available by prescription from a licensed physician, and you can expect that it will cost you an alarming $10,000 to $30,000+ a year. Ouch!

That’s not the case with GenF20 Plus™ which is an “HGH Releaser.”

This means it encourages the body to naturally produce additional HGH. There are no doctors, no prescriptions, and no costly injections to experience the benefits of HGH!

Can you take GenF20 Plus when you are taking other supplements or medications?

To date we the manufacturer states that as of now they do not know of any drug interactions with GenF20 Plus™, but if you are on any supplements or medication you should talk to your doctor to have any concerns addressed.