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Everything You Should Know Before Buying ClearPores

Have you been battling with acne that has defied practically every measure you have taken against it? Will ClearPores give you a clear, smooth, and healthy skin? You probably wonder.



If you are thinking of getting this acne treatment, you will do well to read this review to the very end before buying. Is it an empty hype or a scam? Continue reading to find out more.

What Really is ClearPores?

When trying to get rid of acne more effectively, you need a product that works from the inside to the outside. An offering that does only one of the two will be limited in the quality of results that it can deliver.

ClearPores is a product that aims to cleanse from the inside while also removing blemishes on the outside. Its maker promises results that you can see and also feel!

The product uses natural ingredients, which should be a good thing when you are considering safety.

It is a 3-step system featuring an herbal supplement, a deep facial wash, and a protection cream. This is designed to restore the balance of your skin more effectively.

The system also now includes a Deep Body Wash and a Body Protection Cream for people who wish to treat more than their faces.

The benefits that ClearPores promises include the following:

  • Reduction of acne
  • Improved skin moisture
  • Better hormone balance
  • Elimination of dead skin cell buildup

You do not need to get a doctor’s prescription to use this acne treatment system since it’s natural-based. The manufacturer says its production takes place in a cGMP-certified facility similar to the kinds used for the production of pharmaceutical drugs.

How Does ClearPores Work?

As you can see from the foregoing, this treatment uses a three-pronged approach for dealing with acne.

The herbal supplement facilitates the removal of waste products and toxins that could cause the problem from the body. It helps to promote a healthy internal environment and to normalize hormones.

ClearPores Deep Facial Wash is scientifically formulated to sort out breakouts that are already on your skin. It unclogs your pores and removes dead skin cells. This leads to a youthful, glowing skin.

Finally, the protection cream provides the necessary moisture and nutrients for healthy-looking skin. It prevents flakiness, which is an issue with some other acne treatments.

Clearpores Ingredients

The herbal supplement in this skin cleansing system comes with the following ingredients:

  • Dandelion root
  • Aloe vera
  • Turmeric
  • Licorice root
  • Burdock root
  • Cayenne
  • Atlantic kelp
  • Red clover
  • Sarsaparilla root
  • Yellow dock
  • Cottonseed oil (partially hydrogenated)
  • Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)

As for the Deep Facial Wash, its main ingredients include:

  • Linseed seed extract
  • Meadowsweet root extract
  • Xanthan gum
  • Glycerin
  • Glyceryl stearate
  • Salicylic acid

Finally, the constituents of the ClearPores Protection Cream include, among others:

  • Citric acid
  • Salicylic acid
  • Soy lecithin
  • Potassium hydroxide
  • Glycolic acid

Let’s briefly explain what some of these ingredients contribute to the system.

Dandelion root – This helps to cleanse your liver and supports your digestive system. The effects of these actions reflect positively on the health of your skin.

Aloe vera – This popular herb for skin treatment soothes, hydrates, and heals your skin. It produces an anti-inflammatory effect.

Turmeric – The compound curcumin present in this increasingly popular spice boasts antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also appears to lighten the skin.

Purple coneflower – ClearPores obviously includes this plant due to its ability to block the bacteria that are responsible for acne from multiplying. In addition, this ingredient helps to deal with the inflammation caused by bacteria.

Licorice root – With its key constituent Glycyrrhizin, this one helps to control inflammation and regulate sebum production.

Burdock root – This ingredient is a source of antioxidants with immunomodulatory properties. It supposedly assists in correcting skin gland-related issues, including acne.

Atlantic kelp offers hyaluronic acid, an essential compound for the skin. Yellow dock aids digestion and liver function to flush out toxins, while cayenne opens up pores and does away with dead skin cells.

The cottonseed oil in the formulation is a rich source of vitamin E and helps to enhance the absorption of other nutrients. A nice combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids in the system can improve skin moisture and avert the clogging of pores.

How Do You Use ClearPores?

Clearpores Before After

Clearpores Before After

According to the manufacturer, you are to take two capsules of the herbal supplement daily. You are free to take them at any time during the day.

Wash your wet skin with the ClearPores Deep Facial Wash for about minutes in the morning and evening every day. Next, use cool water to rinse totally and pat dry.

When your skin is totally dry after using the facial wash, apply the protection cream and massage it gently into your skin. Take care to avoid the delicate areas around your eyes.

What Are the Side Effects?

Looking at its ingredients, it doesn’t seem you have a lot to worry about when using ClearPores in terms of safety. Leading Edge Health, the manufacturer, says it has no known side effects.

Still, it may be advisable to first test it on just a small portion of your skin. Skin sensitivity typically differs from one person to another.

You should speak with your doctor before using the herbal supplement if you are pregnant. Such a step is also ideal if you are currently trying to conceive.

In fact, the typical advice for anyone thinking of using any supplement is to consult with a doctor first.

However, there are no reports of serious side effects from using ClearPores, as far as we know.

Is ClearPores a Scam?

We can say right off the bat that this acne treatment system is not a scam. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that results will be the same for everyone.

There are reports online by people who got great results from using it. The official website for the product has some impressive testimonials with “before and after” images.

So, this is not a scam. But your expectation will decide whether you will be happy with the results or be disappointed.

This product is not likely to take away your acne in seven days, even though its maker claims some users start noticing an improvement in as little as 1-2 weeks.

It takes time to effectively deal with breakouts. You should plan to use ClearPores for at least 30 days before you can start seeing changes in your acne. Daily use for two full months is actually better.

Will this System Cure Your Acne?

No. ClearPores does not promise to cure your acne. Scientists have not found a total cure for the skin condition yet.

With this cleansing product, you can simply expect a considerable breakout reduction. Breakouts and flare-ups will become less frequent and less serious for a face you will find more appealing.

The official website describes the kinds of results you can expect month by month.

ClearPores Pricing

As of writing, a package containing the supplement, facial wash, and protection cream costs $64.95. Only the supplement comes at a price of $50.95.

There are also packages including a Deep Body Wash and/or Body Protection Cream.

You can save more money on your order when you buy in bulk.

Refund Policy

Are you afraid that you might end up losing your money when you buy ClearPores? Will a 90-day money-back guarantee be enough to allay your fear? That is exactly what Leading Edge Health offers people buying this acne treatment system!

This is, without a doubt, one of the best guarantees you have in the industry.

If you are not satisfied, simply ask for a refund. You get a promise of receiving your money back, excluding shipping and handling costs.

ClearPores Review – Verdict

In light of everything that we have discussed, ClearPores will make a nice buy. It uses a complete system to deal with breakouts and flare-ups more effectively. The product stands out from rivals that only focus on the outside or the inside by working from the inside out.

You do not need to abide by a special diet, although it is advisable to eat healthily. But note that this will not clear away your acne in seven days.

The use of natural ingredients is a good thing when considering safety. There is also an industry-leading money-back guarantee to fall back on in case you aren’t pleased with the results.