Cellulite: Risk Factors, Causes and Treatments

Cellulite is the development of bumps and pits in the skin. It is commonly known as orange-peel or cottage-cheese skin.

Although cellulite is predominantly seen in women, it can affect both genders. The preponderance of cellulite in women may be due to the difference in the fat distribution in comparison to males. Cellulite is a fairly […]


Too Much Salt Weakens the Immune System According to Study


Tips on How How to Overcome Post Workout Soreness?

Feeling sore after a thorough training session is usually enough to prevent people from having another one. Muscle pains that occur 24 to 48 hours after training are called “delayed muscle pain” (DOMS). This is because during the training small cracks appear in the muscles, damaging the muscle fibers. When muscles are torn, inflammation occurs […]


Is The Genf20 Plus System Safe to Use?

How do I know for sure that GenF20 Plus is safe for me to use?

To date, no known side effects have been linked to using GenF20 Plus™. Just as with the many health products and nutritional supplements on the market that cannot guarantee they are safe for you to use, we also cannot guarantee GenF20 […]


Stretch Marks: Types, Causes and Treatment

There are certain “imperfections” that would make you to be tentative when it comes to taking your clothes off in the public. Stretch marks are among such.

These streaks aren’t really a sign of a serious problem. They don’t always suggest ill-health. But how awful they can look on the skin will make you wish strongly […]

Signs Of Aging in Men and Tips to Slow the Process

Aging is something that many people seem to dread. But there is nothing any living person can do to stop the clock from ticking. As time passes, we get older and changes we might not desire take place. The most anyone can do is to control those changes to help them age gracefully.

To hasten you […]

How to treat sagging skin

As we age, so does our skin. And as you’re seeing yourself age, you’re starting to take notice of how your skin isn’t as full and buoyant as it used to be. Sadly, aging is something we cannot stop from happening, it’s a natural process. You may be wondering, “well, then how does Jennifer Aniston […]

Reducing the appearance of wrinkles with collagen

Many of us have wrinkles all over our bodies. Every time you sit down, scrunch your hands or neck, wrinkles are formed. However, that’s much different than having them on your face. Facial wrinkles, though, are different. They’re seen as a sign of aging and can really make you look ten years older than what […]

Makeup tips for every season

If you have one eyeshadow palette that’s supposed to take you through the whole year, well, you may need to update yourself. Your summer look isn’t going to look so fresh and glowing during the cold winter months. And you dark purple winter lipstick is going to make you look like a clown during the […]

9 easy skin care tips for men

So much of the skincare industry is focused on women, but what about men? They seem to be forgotten when it comes to facial care. Sure there are a couple things that are similar in men and women’s skin care routines, however, there’s also a big difference between the two as well. Plus, women love […]