Anti Aging

Delaying Aging With Anti-Aging Supplements

Anti-aging medicine has its followers who are willing to take every opportunity to stay in shape. DHEA, growth hormone and omega-3 supplements are just some of the things that anti-aging medicine has to offer.

 Can hormone treatments for menopause help keep you young?
For menopausal women, hormone replacement therapy has undeniable benefits in terms of comfort: fewer […]


HGH X2 Review: Benefits, Ingredients, Cost, Testimonials and Side Effects

Are you going to the gym to build your muscles? If yes then you must have heard of Somatropin. This growth hormone is one of the best things that you could use as a bodybuilder. However, there is a downside. You are in for serious trouble from the law if you are caught with Somatropin […]


Treating Androgenetic Alopecia: Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a fairly common condition affecting millions of people. In spite of being a widespread condition, no cure has yet been discovered to completely cure Androgenetic alopecia. Hair loss has no significant incapacitating effects but it can be a stressful condition for most men bearing substantial negative impacts on self-esteem.

Men suffering from […]


Melasma: Causes, Treatments, Risks and Prognosis

What is melasma?
Melasma is a common yet chronic skin condition, which presents with blotchy, symmetrical, brown colored pigmentation predominantly over areas such as neck, chest, back or upper extremities.

Although melasma has no serious debilitating effects, it takes a toll on the affected individual due to cosmetic reasons. In some severe cases, it can result in […]


5 Interesting Facts About the Intestinal Flora

Studied for more than a century, the intestinal flora still hides many secrets. But today we know that this group of microorganisms that inhabit the digestive tract play an important role in digestive, immunological, neurological and metabolic functions and that it is essential to maintain their balance in order to maintain good health. Here are […]


Fasting: Health Benefits, Types, History and Risks

Fasting is probably one of the oldest approaches to self-healing. In this article you will learn what fasting is, its principles, the different types of fasting, the history and benefits of fasting, and finally how to practice it.

Even in nature, animals instinctively stop eating when they are sick or injured. Complete fasting consists in abstaining […]


Snail Slime: A Wonderful Beauty Product to Regenerate Your Skin

It has conquered the world: snail slime now appears in our cosmetics. Its undreamt-of virtues for the well-being of our skin make it a real beauty enhancer. Smoothing, regenerating and healing effects are some of the benefits on the skin of snail slime.

Snail mucus on your face?
At first sight it does not seem very appetizing. […]


Brazilian Butt Lift: Why Many Women Die After Having the Procedure

Having Kim Kardashian’s butt can be very dangerous to your health. Many women have died after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift!

Kim Kardashian or her sister Kylie Jenner have big cellulite free round buttocks that attract the envy of many women around the world. However, many patients who underwent cosmetic surgery to increase the size of […]


Disturbing Trend: People Are Having Plastic Surgery to Look Like Their Snapchat Pictures

This is an alarming trend that more and more doctors in the United States are seeing. Some people are asking them to look like their snapchat pictures.

Are you familiar with dysmorphophobia? Dysmorphophobia is a term used in medicine to describe people who are afraid of a physical defect. And it has become increasingly common in […]


A French Doctor Developed a Procedure to Change Eye Color Permanently

Ophthalmologist Francis Ferrari is currently the only one in the world to perform this operation. But what are the dangers of changing your eye color?

For some time now, in his office in Strasbourg, he has been treating patients of a completely new kind: men and women who want to change their eye color permanently. On […]