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Is HGH a steroid and will it show in drug tests?

These are two questions that bodybuilders ask a lot once they discover that HGH can help them to bulk up.

HGH Bodybuilding

HGH Bodybuilding

To date this is what we know:

The HGH Releaser GenF20 Plus promotes the production of natural HGH as well as the increased release of HGH. Combine that with the right diet and proper exercise, and it will help increase HGH production. This will then help you build more lean muscle mass.

BUT HGH Releaser GenF20 Plus™ contains no synthetic HGH.

AND HGH in any form synthetic or not, is not a steroid.

Some bodybuilders do use synthetic HGH injections to synthetically inflate HGH levels to bring them far above the “normal ranges” – this is done to maximize muscle gains. However, it is not only dangerous it is illegal – Buying synthetic HGH injections without a valid prescription from a physician is very dangerous.

The governing body of almost every major sport, including the International Olympic Committee, have all banned the use of synthetic HGH injections, which are considered a ‘performance enhancing drug.’

This does not apply to GenF20 Plus™ because it is NOT synthetic HGH – rather it is a safe and natural option that promotes an INCREASE of your own HGH production instead of artificially inflated HGH levels which is what occurs with synthetic injections – GenF20 Plus™ is SAFE, legal and 100% natural!

Will GenF20 Plus assist me in gaining more muscle?

The HGH supplement GenF20 Plus™ definitely can help amp up your body’s HGH production, leading to more IGF-1 secretion from the liver and other tissue. This is going to stimulate amino acid uptake, which in turn, will synthesize protein deep into your tissues and muscles.

I’m worried about getting ‘huge’ with the use of HGH?

In a way, HGH promote lean muscle mass growth. However, there is no need to worry, because unless you are a serious bodybuilder in training, you are not going to become “huge” just by taking GenF20 Plus™, which is an HGH Releaser.

And there is no way that it is going to make you grow taller (unless you are still growing naturally)! Sorry that’s wishful thinking 🙂 We’d all like a couple of inches in height.

Don’t worry about the “growth” in human growth hormone – it’s just the role of HGH in coordinating tons of important hormones found in the body… That impacts your skin tone, metabolism, muscle tone, overall fat retention and more.

GenF20 Plus™ supports your body so that it releases natural HGH into your bloodstream, which is produced by the pituitary gland and it is 100% safe. There are no worries regarding negative side effects with GenF20 Plus™ compared to the risks linked to HGH injection especially if abused. That’s because this is an artificial way to inflate one’s HGH levels.