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Almost everyone who is very interested in their health now knows the enormous benefits of human growth hormone (HGH). This increased awareness explains the wide range of products, including dietary supplements, which are thought to help increase the amount of this hormone in the body. GenF20 Plus is a very popular offer in the Dietary Supplements segment, based on clinical studies. But the popularity of the product has also becomes a kind of a curse as it has attracted some dishonest, incomprehensible people and companies who are offering fake Genf20 plus to unsuspecting customers. Here we try to give useful tips on how to avoid getting ripped off.Genf20 Plus

The problem with fake HGH products

The growth hormone is an extremely important substance for growth, development and general well-being. People with low levels usually experience various unhealthy symptoms. HGH products are designed to help by increasing the amount of hormones in the body.

Somatropin injections are the most effective way to dramatically increase the levels of HGH. The problem, however, is that they are expensive, require a prescription, and carry risks. The potential of HGH injections has been used as an incentive to introduce counterfeit products to the market. Although these counterfeit HGH injections tend to be cheaper than approved drugs, they are still expensive and pose a serious health risk.

GenF20 Plus offers a safer and much cheaper alternative to HGH injection. It comes with a mixture of natural ingredients that work synergistically to improve growth hormone production. However, its effectiveness has also led to fraud. This is both a plus and a minus. It is said that imitation is the best compliment, so the existence of these counterfeits only shows that Genf20 really works. The downside is that you can spend money and risk your health buying fakes.

It is believed that these counterfeit products come mainly from factories in China and contain potentially harmful ingredients. Surveillance also shows that GenF20 Plus pills are still attracting attention. It seems that they have not yet effectively counterfeited the Genf20 plus spray which contains Alpha which increases the effectiveness of the original tablets.

Possible GenF20 Plus counterfeiting

It is virtually impossible to distinguish the original GenF20 Plus from a fake simply by its appearance. So how do you know if you’re getting the original or a fake? Here are some things to consider.

Place of purchase

You can be sure that you will only receive an authentic GenF20 Plus when you purchase directly from the official website. If you buy elsewhere, you should know that you will most likely receive a counterfeit.

E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, e-Bay, GNC, Rakuten and Bonanza are just a few places where some are claiming to sell Genf20 Plus.  There is absolutely no guarantee of quality when buying from these sources. Some of them, like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, GNC, Rakuten, Bonanza and eBay, serve only as a sales platform for interested parties, possibly counterfeiters. So you can’t be sure of what you’re buying. In short, on these platforms you do not buy Genf20 Plus from Walmart, Rakuten, Bonanza and Amazon, but from completely separate entities, some of which may sell counterfeit products.

Genf20 Cheaper than the official website

Don’t we all like to save money when the opportunity presents itself? That’s what human nature is all about. But as for your health, there must be a limit. Price is one of the tools that GenF20 Plus counterfeiters use to lure you. If you find a lower price than that of the manufacturer’s website, you are definitely dealing with counterfeits.

Money back guarantee

You can also add a money back guarantee to the things you need to consider when you buy GenF20 Plus. People who sell a fake product are less likely to give you a money back guarantee, and even if they do, you will never be sure of the health benefits you would lose if you bought a real GenF20 Plus. After all, you can pay a ridiculously low price. But Leading Edge Health gives you up to 67 days to try the product risk free.

Fake GenF20 Plus is something to worry about, not just because you’re wasting your hard-earned money but it exposes you to potential serious health complications. Play it safe and order for the official manufacturer!